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Paul spoiled Jesus’ true teachings

March 19, 2010

Paul spoiled Jesus’ true teachings to avenge his obvious enmity

hvtbintl69 Says:

I understand your beliefs but what are they based upon? The evidence? Of course Mary/Jesus they never celebrated Easter. Jesus was the originator.
There is no evidence that Jesus survived the cross nor is there any evidence that he died in Kashmir years later. Nothing in archaeology or scripture verifies it.
Jesus was dead on the cross, his friends put him into the tomb due to the oncoming Sabbath not any kind of conspiracy with the Romans. No removal occurred.

paarsurrey Says:

Hi friend hvtbintl69

If Jesus would have been the originator of the Easter, the annual feast of the Christians; he must have celebrated it himself. In fact Jesus was not founder of the “Christianity”; it was Paul who founded “Christianity”:

1. Paul only used Christ’s name as a scapegoat

2. to spread his own (Paul’s) Theology invented at Rome

3. and also to take revenge from Jesus who had escaped death on Cross

4. by spoiling Jesus’ true teachings

5. and who (Jesus) had gone out of the reach of Paul who was a dead enemy of Jesus and his friends.

Jesus had nothing to do with Christianity of Paul and the Church.

I have given numerous proofs to that effect in my posts in my blog; you or other Christians of 32000+ denominations are welcome to refute them if you like, with your reasonable, rational and logical argument. I don’t think Christians could refute them. It is an inter-faith discussion blog; everybody is welcome to join the discussions opened by me in my posts. I respect all the 32000+ denominations of the Christians. Even JWs or Mormons who declare to be the only true Christians are welcome here. Everybody is invited to join the discussion.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

There is little historicity in the Bible; as mostly it consists of fables and stories written mythically

May 18, 2009

Wellwateredgarden says:

Jesus’ greatest miracle was raising himself from human death. He went to the cross willingly, in response to His Father’s request, for the sins of mankind, including those of Ahmadi peaceful Muslims. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and going bodily back to heaven from where He came, are adequately documented by historians and the facts do not change just because some people do not believe in truth but insist on fabricating their own versions of history.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend wellwateredgarden

I would like to submit following points is response to your above thoughts:

1. Jesus did not die on Cross; he escaped death on Cross. Jesus died respectfully and naturally at the age of 120/125 years in India.
2. If Jesus went to the Cross willingly as you say; please tell me how it should have been done that you would have described that Jesus went on the Cross unwillingly.
3. A willing attempt at one’s own life is described a suicide. Do you think Jesus died of a suicide?
4. We Ahmadi peaceful Muslims ask forgiveness from Allah; Jesus never died on Cross for our sins, nor for the sins of the Christians; it is a hoax, please don’t mind.
5. “Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and going bodily back to heaven from where He came, are adequately documented by historians”: the account of the Bible as mentioned above by you simply consists of fables, stories and myths, which is never documented by the historians worth the name.
6. These are no facts as mentioned by you; the deception of the stories written by the sinful scribes has been exposed to a great extent.
7. Since it is no history to start with, so there is no need of any fabrication by anybody.

This is what I believe to be true by rational, reasonable and logical arguments.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim