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Atheists’ One-sided Moral: “Things that annoy me.”?!

January 28, 2014

paarsurrey says:
January 28, 2014 at 02:45

Why should a believer bother for your or any other atheist agnostic skeptic’s annoyance?
Do you or any other atheist agnostic skeptic bother for the annoyance of the believers?
Why should it be a one-sided moral?
Anybody please

A Humanist/Atheist cannot reject Mirza Ghulam Ahmad without a valid reason

July 19, 2013

There has been an interesting discussion with Arkenaten who is a Humanist/Atheist on one of my post <“

“The universe constantly proclaims; there is one One who laid its foundation”

The discussion is given here-under.

.     Arkenaten Says: 

July 18, 2013 at 5:38 pm | 

Smile…this bloke was considered a fraud by many of your Muslim brothers, Yes?

As a humanist one has to see the reasoning and respect others. You agree with the reasons given?

.     Arkenaten Says: July 19, 2013 at 6:40 pm | 

I dont ‘follow what you are asking. Can you rephrase the question please

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gave valid reasons; they should either accept him or give reasons as to why they don’t accept him. Everybody should do that.

Well, I am not Muslim, and It doesn’t really bother me at all,but most Muslims said he was a fraud so I am assuming they believed they gave valid reasons.

You obviously disagree. Tough being a member of a persecuted sect isn’t it?

However, It’s nice to read that Islam has just as many dissenters within its ranks as all the other religions.

I think you should give your own reasons.
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did not address Muslims only; he addressed everybody of all religions/faiths and those who have no faith- the Atheists.
He was a messenger prophet of the one true God even for me and you.


Smile..if you say so. I never heard of him til I met you and then researched him.
Seems like .. prophet if his message from the one true god never reached my neck of the woods, or many other places, for that matter.
The responsibility of a prophet it to make sure the message gets out, surely?
I think your reasoning is very poor, my friend.

The responsibility of a messenger prophet is fixed by one who has sent him; it should not be your worry.

Am I right?

Now the message has reached you. Being a Humanist you cannot reject him without a valid reason.

Do you have a valid reason? I think you don’t have.

“Convert Me” |by David Smalley

July 17, 2013

I give below a write up from David Smalley a famous Atheist from his blog < >: I am not a debater; I discuss things with others with an open mind. I don’t want to convert anyone to my faith unless one decides for oneself to join the faith I am in totally convinced with my religion.

I made a comment on his blog which is also given at the end.

David Smalley said:

I want to hear from you now.


Why should I follow your faith? Moreover, why should I worship the way you do, within the specific religion you do? I don’t just mean Christianity or Islam… if you are Christian, what sect? Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ?


Tell me: how do you know your way is the ultimate way, and why should I fall in line?


Think about it, this is your chance to convert one of the most out-spoken Atheists on the web. My mind is wide open.

Author: David Smalley on 1/26/2010

paarsurrey said…

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim.
You are an Atheist as you say; others don’t like to be called an Atheist; they prefer to be called Humanists.
What is your choice among the two and why?

July 17, 2013 


“Did Jesus say anything not useful?”; a Humanist questions

July 15, 2013

There is a discussion between me and john zande; one could view it by clicking the dates of any comments below; that will open up the full discussion; the viewers are open to form their own opinion.

Since you brought it up, can you name anything (anything at all) that Jesus said which was actually new or useful?

paarsurrey Says: 

July 13, 2013 at 8:31 pm | Reply

@ johns zande

How would you define “useful”? Please

Jesus did not bring any new religion; he followed the Word revealed on Moses.

Neither Moses nor Jesus opposed science.

  paarsurrey Says:
July 14, 2013 at 5:16 pm  

Sir, I asked you to tell as to what you mean to be useful.

To me, Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Socrates, Zoroaster never said anything that was not useful.

I did not claim that Jesus said or invented anything new.

Did I say it?

OK, so you admit Jesus said absolutely NOTHING that was new or useful. Nothing at all. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Why, then, do you believe he was special in any way?

I am waiting for your defining “useful”.

I think atheists are reasonable people.

Please let me know as to what you understand from being useful.

You seriously want a definition for a word like useful? It’s the opposite of useless.

OK, but let’s say practical, functional, rational, sensible. Something that can be applied to the everyday betterment of one’s life, and the functioning of human societies.

Now i also asked for something “new” as well. Something new or useful.

You did ask new and useful; I admit.

Now please tell me anything which he said or did that was not practical, functional, rational, sensible?

Anybody among the viewers or readers are welcome to join this discussion. It is a friendly discussion not to bully anybody.

Everybody has a choice to be a humanist; I respect their choice.

Excuse me, but i asked you to tell me. Please don’t try and wriggle your way out of the question. It’s quite simple: name something (anything) new or useful said by Jesus.

 paarsurrey Says: 

July 15, 2013 at 1:41 pm |

I think it is an answer of your question in a way; if one cannot point out anything which he did or said as being not practical, functional, rational, sensible that fairly answers your question; though differently.

I know that many deeds and words are ascribed to Jesus wrongly that make his image mythical.

Jesus did not die on the cross; but Paul invented a religion out of it mythically which is know as Christianity; it has got nothing to do with Jesus.

I say I am a peaceful Ahmadi Muslim as I cannot hate the Muslims en-block

July 18, 2009‎video/#comment-17399‎
‎ ‎

July 18, 2009 • 11:39 am

Hi friend Arp

I don’t agree with you. I say I am a peaceful Ahmadi Muslim as I cannot hate the ‎Muslims en-block. One could condemn a certain incident done by a criminal; but it is ‎against the cause of humanity to condemn others who are not envolved in the incident ‎and to condemn the whole race of a people. This would be counterproductive and serve ‎on purpose. Please have a humanist approach; and don’t find fault with the innocent ‎Quran/Islam/Muhammad. If one loves humanity; Muslims are also a part of the ‎humanity; adn hence one should learn loving the Muslims also.

Would you like to inform us about your faith you previously had; and your current faith ‎you were converted to later?

All human beings are just like one family; one should learn respecting and loving ‎everyone and one should not hate anyone.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or that the Atheists have a sole legitimate claim on Science

May 15, 2009

~Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries.

Godless American says:

What’s really funny is how the Theologist is the one that resorts to science and the atheist only uses his personal sense of reality. Totally switched around, hilarious!

paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Godless American

Thank you for visiting my blog and making some comments. I also just visited your blog, and gone through the contents. Yours is a busy blog. You are welcome here; though your views would be differing views sometimes, but I don’t mind.

I don’t think that the Atheists have any sole rights on science. Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries. I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or Religiosity.

It is free for any human without discrimination of being Theist or Non-Theist. There had been very great scientists who were amongst the Catholics Theists; and I admire them. There might be many, though not as great as Newton or Lois Pasture, nevertheless, there had been some scientists who are said to be Atheists; I admire them also. Any human being who has served God Allah YHWH well or who has served the Humanity, I admire them all.

Sorry, I don’t admire and don’t agree that a humanist should have the as I find it on your blog:

The Left Agenda

“We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and atheist blog. Little respect is given to right-wing ideology or Republican talking points. We enjoy laughing at right-wingers, and have no qualms lambasting them either. We hope you enjoy the Left Agenda. Please comment, debate, argue, insult, and laugh as much as you like. We will.”

Is it serving humanity or science? If you don’t mind; please feel free to tell us.

I love the Atheists/Agnostics as human beings as I love the Catholics, Protestants and JWs or Mormons


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


The fable is authored by our friend paul8bee and is exhibited on his blog:

Please feel free to add your comments on his blog also for the diversity; he is a non-denominational Theist, from Vancouver, Canada.


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