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Second Coming 1835-1908 has brought good news for the Christians, please

March 5, 2021

Please view paarsurrey’s post #119 on RF.

Uxxxxxx said: God can Not die being from everlasting – Psalms 90:2
So, yes you are right that Jesus did Not have the power to raise himself….
This is why Scripture teaches that God resurrected dead Jesus:
– Acts of the apostles 2:24Acts of the Apostles 2:32Acts of the Apostles 3:15Acts of the Apostles 5:30Romans 10:9Colossians 2:12

paarsurrey wrote :vide Post #119 : < (Please click on the post # to get right into the discussion to join in , please)

Innocent Jesus s/o Mary was neither “son of god” nor G-d, so Jesus had to take precautions and he had to hide from the public, after when he got delivered from the Cross in near-dead position, lest Jesus is not caught again and killed, I figure. Right?
Jesus moved secretly to Galilee, that is a sure proof and it is very much in the 4-Gospels itself, I understand, that Jesus did not die a cursed death on the Cross. Right?
It is a happy news for the Christians, which Second Coming 1835-1908 has brought from G-d, please. Right?


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