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Muhammad perfected religion; hence he was given title of Seal of the Prophets by the one true God

June 26, 2013

I wrote posts on <> under the topic <  Another Man of Allah (God) *after* Muhammad (so says hadith)>; the posts are given below for the viewers of this blog.

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Paarsurrey wrote:


Yahyaa Waahid wrote vide post # 27 :

“You are just quoting hadith that not all Muslims believe in…how can you just impose your beliefs on everyone? The only source that all Muslims believe in, the Holy Qur’an, says that for EVERY nation there is a messenger (Holy Qur’an 10:47.) America is a NEW nation on the earth. It never received a messenger (until the coming of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.) If America is a new nation, and she deviates from pleasing Allah, will He raise up a messenger for America? According to Surah 10:47, yes He will…”

Paarsurrey responded:

(I did not quote Hadith; as could be seen I quoted Quran)

I think America is as old as any other continent on the planet Earth.


I find it appropriate here that one should enlighten oneself as to how a Hadith is to be interpreted for a useful discussion on the topic.

Principles of interpretation of Hadith

Text of a Hadith

After investigating the chain of narration of a Hadith, the second thing which requires investigation is the text of a Hadith. Although scholars of Hadith have left no stone unturned in investigating the characters and biographies of the narrators and have spent a greater part of their lives in this research, yet like every human endeavour, the natural flaws which still exist in the narration of a Hadith requires that the following two things must always remain in consideration while investigating the text of a Hadith:

1. Nothing in it should be against the Qur’an and Sunnah
2. Nothing in it should be against established facts derived from knowledge and reason

Paarsurrey adds:

With Quran religion was perfected and named Islam by the one true God; Hadith only interprets a verse, if the chain is correct and the meanings derived or conveyed are correct; and that will .

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