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“Islam demystified”

January 7, 2014

“Islam demystified”
December 12, 2013 By John Shore

John Shore has written an informative write-up in his blog “patheos”; the link of which is given below.
Courtesy John Shore of “Patheos” blog

Please join the discussion there or here on my blog Paarsurrey.

I give here the comments made by Rebecca Trotter, paarsurrey and by Sabio Lantz at “patheos” blog for the discussion.

I understand from Sabio Lantz vide his post “Another Progressive” bans Sabio” at his blog “Triangulations”that he has been banned from the “patheos” blog.
He may express his thought here and other viewers who agree with him or disagree with him are also welcome.

Rebecca Trotter Sabio Lantz • 21 days ago −
The way I look at it, Islam is 500 years younger than Christianity. 500 years ago, I am certain a majority of Christians approved of burning witches and GLBT people, waging holy war, converting “savages” on the threat of death, killing those who wouldn’t convert, etc.

The fact that there are a lot of Muslims who don’t embrace the hardline let’s me know that it’s more than possible for Islam to move beyond barbarity just as Christianity (hopefully) did. That it’s happening in the context of modernity and global interconnection makes it almost certain that it won’t take nearly as long as it did for Christians.

The fact is that the old ways have continually and consistently fallen in the face of modern cultural forces. It’s happening now in the Muslim world and yes, there is resistance and blowback that goes with that – just as there has been in the western world. But people are people. Yes, religion is important. But Islam has changed and shifted before.

Besides what is to be gained by agreeing with violent, fundamentalist voices who claim that they are the true face and voice of Islam? Buying into that nonsense has wrecked havoc in the church. Do we really need to join in a repeat of that error when it comes to Islam?

paarsurrey Rebecca Trotter
@ Rebecca

The enlightened people in the West; should support the moderate people in Islam; that is the need of the hour.

I agree with you.


Sabio Lantz Rebecca Trotter • 21 days ago

I truly hope Muslims stop believing their scriptures just like many Christians (esp. in Europe and America) have stopped believing theirs. For I think that would improve Islam. But Rebecca do realize that it is the VAST majority of muslims that support sharia law with its calls for stonings, killings, mysogony and more. It is not only the Qur’an but also the Hadith which supports these.

Islam is certainly not monolithic, and like you, I hope the liberal, peaceful factions grow and quiet the horrible majority. And where that majority tries to bring Sharia law (or any semblance of it) into a country, it must be strongly resisted. We must not hesitate to call the majority view what it is: dangerous, deadly, twisted and perverse. I feel we can still acknowledge the minority of peace loving Muslims while we do that.

Rebecca, do you disagree with the Pew Poll statistics?

paarsurrey wrote: @ Sabio Lantz
01/07/2014 at 6:47 pm
Sorry for your being banned on the “patheos” blog; but you are welcome to express your views with reasons on my blog: “”

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