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Jesus never attempted a suicidal death on Cross

January 22, 2010

Wootah says:

Show me how you can pay off a debt of $100 with $1 and I’ll believe you.

Paarsurrey says:

How is this question related to divinity of Jesus or the trinity? Please elaborate.

Wootah says:

OK. I didn’t expect that response!
The whole thing about the Trinity is that no Christian wants to believe in the Trinity. No Christian said and decided God was one being with three personalities. No Christian would willing do this, why would we want to? Why would we want to willingly add to a concept of one God? It is close to saying there are 3 Gods, we can see that. Can you see that no Christian willingly accepts the Trinity at first glance or willingly wants to add 3 personalities to the nature of God? (You are probably amazed at this response so far.)

If you can comprehend that Christians do not arrive at the Trinity willingly then why do we believe in the Trinity?

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friends

I am shocked to note that the Catholics Protestants have been forced to accept Trinity by someone as you have stated and they are naturally not inclined and they must not accept Trinity. If they believe in one Creator – God Allah YHWH, they must not be forced to accept this superfluous creed invented by the cunning Paul or the clever Church. There is no compulsion in religion and it must not be forced on anyone against one’s free will.

I know that it was cunning Paul and the clever Church who first invented the creed that Jesus willingly accepted flogging, spitting by Jews on him and putting him on the cross; this makes Jesus doing suicide.

So my friend you don’t have to believe in this suicidal attempt of Jesus; as this was never the case. It were the Jews who forcibly put Jesus on the cross; but the loving Creator – God Allah YHWH, does not forsake his beloved ones, so against all odds He saved Jesus a cursed death on Cross.

After being delivered in near-dead position from the Cross Jesus was hurriedly taken to a tomb by his friends with underhand help of Pilate. There he was treated and when healed from the injuries on the cross he made good his escape to India along-with his mother Mary.
My friend neither Jesus nor any Catholic Protestant ever took loan of 100$; it is just one of the myriad imaginations of cunning Paul and the clever Church; please get out of this loan scenario; you don’t have to pay any loan. Just make good deeds and have good beliefs; and you will have your salvation.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


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