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“How can an entity know everything and why would it want to?”: Atheists question refuted

May 6, 2014

Atheist website “God Does Not Exist : Reason 1. All Knowledgeable”: Refuted

Atheist :

“For a moment let’s believe what religiously-inclined people preach to us and accept that God exists and that It is all knowing. To be all knowing is to know everything that has ever been, to know everything that is current, and to know everything that will ever be. That covers a time-span from the dawn of creation till the end of the universe, assuming that creation had both a start and has an end.” Unquote


I believe in the One-True-God very naturally like I believe in the existence of myself or the existence of my parents and nobody has so far provided me any reason to convince that the “One-True-God does not exist” to change my natural and reasonable belief. Yes, He is All-Knowing and nobody knows better than Him. He is the Creator of this Universe; and as a manufacture of a product or say a car knows everything about the car manufactured by him; so does the Creator know everything about this Universe; naturally, reasonably and appropriately

Quran is a living Exhortation; it has provided the answer to the question in the following verses:

One-True-God is All-Knowing:

[6:74] And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in accordance with the requirements of wisdom; and the day He says, ‘Be!’, it will be. His word is the truth, and His will be the kingdom on the day when the trumpet will be blown. He is the Knower of the unseen and the seen. And He is the Wise, the All-Aware.


“If we now view the universe as an experiment (akin with a laboratory experiment) then we must ask the question as to why God ran the experiment in the first place? Remember that God knows everything so that any experiment It creates It also knows the outcome of. Thus, if God knows the outcome of “The Universe” experiment then why run the experiment in the first place?” Unquote


It is a wrong premise or notion that the Creator One-True-God; created this Universe as an experiment. He needs no experiments to be made as He could create anything He wants, the way He wants and the time He wants.

Now it is obvious that the One-True-God had created innumerable Universes; so that has proved the question as false already by science.

The Universe is purpose built by the One-True-God; neither a chance-built nor built for experiment/play/fun.

Quran is a living Exhortation; it has provided the answer to the question in the following verses:

[21:17] And We created not the heaven and the earth and all that is between the two in play.
[21:18] If We had wished to find a pastime, We would surely have found it in what is with Us if at all We were to do such a thing.



“Scientists devise and execute experiments because they do not know the outcome. What is the point of running an experiment in which you already know the outcome? I know that 2×3 equals 6. I can fire up my calculator and type in 2×3 and press the = button, which verifies that the answer to the multiplication is indeed 6. So what was the point of performing the calculation using the calculator? Most people rightly reach for their calculator when they wish to perform a calculation that they do not know the answer to, such as the arcsin(67).
Thus, if God1 is all knowing and the universe does indeed exist then it does not add up. The only rational conclusion is that if both God and the universe exist then God does not know the outcome, and hence is not all knowing. Could it not validly be argued (as Christians do!) that God has infinitely greater knowledge than we mere humans have – and so possibly God has chosen for whatever reason not to give us It’s reasons for running the experiment, or us mere humans are incapable of understanding It’s reasons?” Unquote


I have already answered that the Universe is purpose built. Out of His mercy the One-True-God has created this purpose built Universe.

I have provided the argument above.


Quran is a living Exhortation; it has provided the answer to the question in the following verses:

[55:1] In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
[55:2] It is God, the Gracious
[55:3] Who has taught the Qur’an.
[55:4] He has created man.
[55:5] He has taught him plain speech.



“As with much religious reasoning, there are more holes in it than a sieve. You will often hear the religious-lot say “God gave humans freewill”. To have freewill is the ability to do what you like, which leads to an unforeseen future. If you are completely free then you can choose to kill another person or not to kill another person. Thus, if you are completely free to do what you like and not simply living out a pre-written script then BigG does not know the future and therefore is not all knowing.
Let’s conclude with some humbling sayings from mere humans: “Who knows most, doubts most” by Robert Browning and “The more I learn, the less I know” by Socrates.
1The Bible tells us that the Christian God is all knowing in Proverbs 15(3), Psalms 138 (7-10) and Job 34(21 and 22).” Unquote

Paarsurrey :

The above is just a concluding paragraph; the reason-part I have already covered.

Freewill is always with some responsibility. Nowhere in the world freedom is allowed without a responsible behavior.


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Building Mosques, Unity and Accord

April 9, 2013

Friday Sermon: Building Mosques, Unity and AccordSermon Delivered by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

FS-5 Ap

Verses Cited in this Friday Sermon:

[3:104] And hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah and be not divided; and remember the favour of Allah which He bestowed upon you when you were enemies and He united your hearts in love, so that by His grace you became as brothers; and you were on the brink of a pit of fire and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah explain to you His commandments that you may be guided.
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[16:126] Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in a way that is best. Surely, thy Lord knows best who has strayed from His way; and He knows those who are rightly guided.
Read: Short English Commentary | Detailed English Commentary | Urdu Tafaseer اردو تفاسیر


The Promised Messiah(as) said: ‘At the time our Community is in great need of mosques. [A mosque] is a house of God. In which ever town or village our mosque is built, consider that the foundation for the progress of the Community has been laid [there]. If there is a town or a village with very few or no Muslims and progress of Islam is required there, a mosque should be built there. God would Himself attract Muslims to it.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih said the series of relating incidents of companions of the Promised Messiah(as) that he had started [in his Friday sermons] remains wanting. Incidents of every companion were not related and those that were related were done so briefly. Yet they illustrated such high standards that one is drawn to pray for those people. Here [in Valencia] if there are families of companions of the Promised Messiah(as) they should pray for their elders.
Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih said no one is exempt from commandments of God; neither he nor anyone else; be they office-holders of the Jama’at, missionaries of the Jama’at, Ahmadi men and women. As long as we will firmly hold onto the ‘rope of Allah’ and will practice very commandment of the Holy Qur’an and will remember God’s favour that He has made us Ahmadi, we will be paying His dues and as well as the dues of His house.

God has clearly stated that Islam is now the true religion. Therefore no other religion can bring man close to God; no other religion has the strength to do so. And those whose responsibility it is to spread Islam and those who have been blessed with the ‘rope of Allah’ are indeed Ahmadis. If we damage our unity and create divisions, most certainly we will be accountable before God. It was mentioned in last Friday sermon that thousands of Spaniards whose ancestors were Muslims are entering into Islam once again. Yet, they are unaware of the true Islam.

The reception held for the mosque in Valencia was the first such major event organised by Spanish Jama’at. It was attended by neighbours, well-educated people, government officials and politicians. They all took a favourable view of the reception and many said that they had heard the beautiful teaching of Islam for the first time. Many said they felt emotional. In fact an atheist guest said that he had learned a lot about religion.

Utilising Hikmah is important for our mutual matters as well as for Tabligh. God’s grace has opened up Tabligh avenues, now it is up to people to benefit from them. The newspapers have given coverage to the news that the Khalifa has said that Muslims were expelled in the seventeen century and now we going to return. Our objective is not achieved by news coverage alone. Similar news were reported with references to Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV(ra) at the time of the inauguration of Basharat Mosque, Pedro Abad.