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Equal access to students of Religion/No-Religion in Schools/Colleges

October 22, 2019

Please view paarsurrey’s post#139 on Religious Forum by clicking <<< the post number to get right in to the discussion going on the topic of the thread ” The concept of non practicing a religion “:

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atheism isn’t something that is “taught“”

#139<<<<< paaarsurrey Wrote:
If they don’t have something to teach, they just don’t do it, but they needn’t prohibit others as an excuse. Why should the students be deprived of introduction to religions? Keeping the students ignorant is not appropriate.
My emphasis was on the following points:

  • “As far as the Atheists, I am not against them in their persons and I am in favor of equitable treatment to them by every Religion.
  • The better idea as I visualize is that there should be periodically seminars in the schools/colleges in their halls on the subjects about religion/no-religions.
  • I don’t say that there should be teachers to teach every religion in the schools. I say that there should be seminars in the schools/colleges where representatives of religions/no-religions should give lectures on the selected topics and then there should be provision of a question answer session for the students. These seminars should be conducted by moderators of the City officials.
  • As somebody has to manage such events to provide equitable opportunity to every religion/no-religion that is interested in the event. The issue of moderators could be sorted between the school/colleges and the cities locally.
  • My point is that the students get equal access/information to the religions of believers as also to the non-believers be they Atheism/Agnosticism/Skepticism or any shades of them. Under the name of Secular-ism, which means equitable treatment to everybody they should not remain ignorant of Religions/No-Religions.”

Right, please?

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