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Thanks to God, the Bestower of life

March 14, 2014

I wrote a post on the following blog; the viewers could add their valuable comments to it.

“Insh’allah: My Muslim Lesson”

03/14/2014 at 4:53 pm

@ Sabio Lantz

“My home-stay Pakistani family consisted of a Muslim couple with two teenage boys living in a poor Shiite village outside of Lahore. When I arrived, my Urdu was very bad but my ‘father’ spoke some English to help me get started. My ‘mom’, however, was uneducated, spoke no English and made little eye-contact at first.”

I am happy to learn that you stayed in a village near Lahore. I have lived quite sometimes in a village where still the barter system was on vogue. Hardly any money was needed to sell or purchase a thing. One could give a bowlful of wheat to purchase a thing.

Natural living; knowing everybody very closely

But now everything has changed.

Both ways it is good.

Thanks to God, the Bestower of life.

California Dreamin’

July 25, 2013

Paarsurrey likes your post.

And paarsurrey contributed following post on  “California Dreamin’ “:

  1. “we may have to spend some time living in different cities.”


    The distance between the two cities is only a 125 kilometres as I understand; your husband could come and go daily to his job from Saint Diego to los angeles; not much of a problem, I think, if there is a highway connecting both the cities.

    Wish both of you good-luck.

  2. “and lately, by studying world religions”

    This is also good.
    I think I suggested you to study Quran. Did you start it?
    It is not a big volume book; it consist of less than 80000 word in total in Arabic; if one excludes the repeated words in the text; then it is only about 2000 words in Arabic. And it is not difficult for an intelligent person like you to learn these words for study of Quran in the original language it was descended by the one True God who authored it; not authored by Muhammad.

    And translation in English is also available; for which I suggest you a link:


    “Dreamin’ ”

    Dreaming makes to understand belief in the Afterlife easier; you know belief in the afterlife is a pillar of the truthful faith.


    Note from paarsurrey: one may click on the dates of my comments; that will lead one where the discussion is in progress.


Common Sense

Sometimes even a good life can get in the way of allowing you to do the things you want to do — like write. More specifically, like me having the time to write about the things I care about. I feel like I have a great life — I have a good job, an amazing husband, the cutest little (I use that term loosely) English Bulldog you have ever seen and I am about to move to arguably one of the most amazing cities in the world, San Diego.

Ahhhh… San Diego. Land of palm trees and beautiful beaches; A city where people would rather ride their bikes or walk as opposed to drive; A city that offers an easy-going lifestyle if you want it and, if you don’t, makes it hard to resist; A paradise where it doesn’t snow, it hardly rains and the weather never ventures far from…

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“The Story of Solomon in Islam”

February 7, 2010
Some words in Chapter Jinn of Quran discussed

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friends

First we will start with our research with words in the Quranic Text, certain names, proper names and general names; and my tools would be wikipedia, wiktionary and Arabic-English Dictionary.

In people:
• Ant, aka Anthony Phillips (b. 1951), British guitarist with the band Genesis
• Ant (comedian), aka Anthony Kalloniatis (b. 1967), American actor and comedian
• ANT, aka Antony Harding, British musician, and solo project of Hefner drummer
• Ant (producer), aka Anthony Davis, American record producer and member of the Rhymesayers hip-hop collective
• Anthony McPartlin, one of the British television presenter duo Ant & Dec with Declan Donnelly.
• Adam Ant (b. 1954), British musician, and lead singer of Adam and the Ants.
• Ant, aka Anthony Davidson, an English racing driver
Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard on 3 November 1954) is an English musician who gained popularity as the lead singer of 1980s New Wave/post-punk group Adam & the Ants and later as a solo artist. He is also an actor, having appeared in two dozen films or television episodes between 1985 and 1999.[1]
In geography:
• River Ant, in Norfolk, England
• Ant (Island), in Micronesia
• Antigua and Barbuda, IOC Country code

So, if one says I talked to Ant meaning thereby the person Anthony Davidson, others should not be surprised.

If one says I visited Ant meaning thereby a place “Ant (Island), in Micronesia ” it should not be looked as strange.

The Arabic word used in Quran is namal translated as Ant, root n-m-l, I have opened Arabic to English Dictionary; it states: Swarming with ants (place): Fiery (horse).

It must be understood that in English we add with a proper name Mr., Miss, or Mrs., to distinguish that it is a proper name, but not in Arabic and many languages of the East.

In ancient times different tribes had been moving from one region to another regions for many reasons and hence taking along with them names of places and persons. One of my friends from Pakistan visited me incidentally and he told me that there is a village near Chakwal with the name Namal and he had visited the village and lived there for a day or two.

We may continue with research of the word namal translated as ant.

Thanks for the time being.

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Hinduism : salvation—which the Arya Samaj refer to as mukti—becomes impossible to attain

October 29, 2008

Is Mukti A Myth?

Paarsurrey says:

Sorry, I cannot understand the discussion fully as the terminology used in the posts is in Sansikrit or Hindi and I don’t know these languages. I would request the opener of the discussion/thread at least, to kindly translate the terms for me in English so that I could also comprehend the discussion and benefi from it.

As of now, please don’t mind, as I understand from Christ/Krishna Second Coming 1835-1908, Yes; the present understanding of the Hindus is incorrect and impossible. Mukti to humans under the present Hindu cocepts; one just cannot attain it naturally, rationally and ogically. GodAllahParmesherYHWH does not confirm it by His word of Revelation from His mouth; neither in the text for a claim, nor for the reason given by Him. Human wise men; I respect them all, but they cannot match the Wisdom of the ONE-Creator of Heavens and Earth; neither have they claimed it, in my opinion.

I am convinced by Christ/Krishna Second Coming 1835-1908 in this connection; but others are free to convince me otherwise, if they could surpass him.

Christ/Krishna Second Coming 1835-1908 says:

But if particles and souls are not related to God as His creation, there will be no justification for such a relationship either.

There is no doubt that for such ‘independent’ souls, the existence of Parmeshwar is of no use, nor will they have anything to lose by His non-existence. In this situation, salvation—which the Arya Samaj refer to as mukti—becomes impossible to attain, for it wholly depends upon the personal love for God which He has created in the very nature of the souls.

If souls have not been created by Parmeshwar, how can they love Him by their very nature? And Parmeshwar could not have placed His love in their nature afterwards, because natural love is something that has to be eternally inherent in them and not something that was created later on.

This is what God refers to in the Holy Quran when He says: i.e., I asked the souls, “Am I not your Creator?” And the souls replied, “Yes, indeed.”(Quran: Al- A‘RAF, 7:17) The meaning of this verse is that the soul contains in its very nature the testimony that God is its Creator.

The soul, being God’s creation, loves Him naturally and instinctively.

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