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Sub-sets of Atheism or its denominations

November 23, 2017

Atheism is not a one body, out of confusion/doubt it is divided into divergent branches, disorders, schools of thinking; some of them claim to belong to Atheism (Agnosticism/Skepticism) from the position of ignorance while others from the position of knowledge as they claim. Right, please?
Why they be called sub-sets and why they cannot be called sects or denominations for understanding, please? Is there a language barrier/restriction, please? 

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X——- wrote:
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X——- wrote:
There may be similarities but I don’t think it is necessary to equate subsets of theism or atheism as ‘denominations’.

Denominations would be subsets of subsets of theism.

Paarsurrey wrote:

I am not equating them.Atheism is not a one body, out of confusion/doubt it is divided into divergent branches, disorders, schools of thinking; some of them claim to belong to Atheism (Agnosticism/Skepticism) from the position of ignorance while others from the position of knowledge as they claim. Right, please?
Why they be called sub-sets and why they cannot be called sects or denominations for understanding, please? Is there a language barrier/restriction, please?
Anybody, please

Paul’s theme of Christianity does not owned by Jesus

June 25, 2013

Bryan made a long comments on my post<  Modern Christianity is founded by Paul>. I have given my views on it. The comments deserve a separate post.

Bryan Says: 

The article that you provide the link to is a view of Paul that was popular from 75 to 100 years ago and has been abandoned even by many scholars that still do not hold to historical Christian doctrines. In other words there are still scholars skeptical of historical Christianity, but they do not base their views on this older “history of religions” approach since it was bad scholarship.

Most scholars today, whether they accept or deny historical Christianity, agree that the main source of Paul’s thought was simply the Old Testament viewed in light of what Paul believed was the promised redemptive events centered in the coming of the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit through the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ.

The consensus today is that the earlier ideas of Paul’s dependence on the “mystery religions’ and on Greek thought were mistaken ideas that have no warrant for support.

Herman Ridderbos wrote: “…surely we can speak of a growing consensus insofar that scholars are more and more finding the point of departure for an adequate approach to the whole redemptive-historical, eschatological character of Paul’s proclamation. The governing motif of Paul’s preaching is the saving activity of God in the advent and the work, particularly in the death and the resurrection of Christ. This activity is on the one hand the fulfillment of the work of God in the history of the nation of Israel, the fulfillment therefore also of the Scriptures; on the other hand it reaches out to the ultimate consummation of the parousia of Christ and the coming of the kingdom of God.” (Paul: An Outline of His Theology, 1975, p.39)

Ridderbos goes on to say that speaking of a “consensus” must be “done with great reserve” because there is much debate regarding the subject of “eschatology and eschatologies”. Therefore the debate today is mainly concerned with “whether Jesus and the apostles quoted Old Testament texts with respect for their broader Old Testament context. Did they refer to Old Testament passages in a way that is inconsistent with or contradictory to the original intention of an Old Testament passage?” (G. K. Beale: The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts”, 1994, p. 7)

Here is a link to a short but adequate critique of the older “history of religions” view of Paul’s sources for his teachings called Paul and the Mystery Religions by Don Closson.


paarsurrey Says:

I refer to your sentence:

“Paul believed was the promised redemptive events centered in the coming of the Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit through the life, death, and resurrection Jesus Christ.” Unquote

This is exactly what Modern Christianity is all about, all present denominations of Christianity, in my opinion, are based on this theme which was invented by Paul and has nothing to do with Jesus the Christ.

Sorry, I could not reply earlier.

Was Buddha a Muslim ? If yes; in what sense?

June 22, 2013

I wrote following posts on <> under the topic <Buddha believed in the Creator God>.

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Paarsurrey wrote:



Originally Posted by Sunstone

So, Buddha was a Muslim. Sweet.

How do you say that?

10     My point is that founders of all revealed religions were truthful in origin; they played a great part in development of humanity ; human society evolved to greater heights of morality and spirituality under their guidance; they always supported peace and co-existence among human beings; they never opposed reason, rationality, seeking of knowledge and sciences. All of them are icons of religion and should be respected and honored without exception.

We should be thankful to them; and for the message the Creator sent through them. Thanks to the Creator God.

Buddha was one such great human.

#12   I think the author means that the above sentence is partially correct about Buddhism which has many denominations; some of them may deny it expressly while others may be at different levels of believing in a deity.

That is about Buddhism not about Buddha; he believed in God and that is what the essence of that article is. Please read it in entirety and then comment on its contents with your arguments; even if you differ with it.

I shall be waiting for your reasonable arguments/comments.


#14     I think I never said that I represent Buddhism.
Did I?
In fact there are many denominations of the Buddhists and none of them represents Buddha.

Heaven is eternal and everlasting; hell is not, relatively

March 18, 2013

GaryWhite Said:

Please see his comments on my post:

“Buddhist hell is really an interesting topic. Specifically the Japanese Buddhists believed that there were different layers of hell that you went to depending on how bad you were. There was one layer that you just sat in puss, another layer you would get chopped up and eaten by devils. In the case of the demon eaters (which is what they were called) the demons were also in hell. According to Buddhists in Japan hell was not eternal and it was possible to work of your evil deeds in hell and ascend to heaven.

paarsurrey Says:

The founders of a revealed religion who had a Converse with the one true creator God and received Word of Revelation from Him like Buddha, their follower, split in a score of denominations; the followers don’t necessarily believe what the founders believed in.

Buddha’s concept of hell as I quoted from him is very reasonable that is the reason of its being similar to as per Quran. The similarities of revealed religions, if seen closely, denote that they were from the same source i.e., from the one true creator God.

The differences of denominations indicate to us the history as to how their followers changed the teachings of the original founder. Buddha’s teachings either have been misunderstood by their followers or decayed due to the time factor.
It is also reasonable to believe that hell is not eternal in the same sense as heaven is eternal; hell is like a hospital where the wrong-doers will get opportunity to get cured from their sins or wrong thoughts; and ultimately its inmates will come out like a child comes out the womb of a mother when it is due to be delivered.

Quran also gives us a hint on it:

[101:7] Then, as for him whose scales are heavy,
[101:8] He will have a pleasant life.
[101:9] But as for him whose scales are light,
[101:10] Hell will be his nursing mother.

Paul spoiled Jesus’ true teachings

March 19, 2010

Paul spoiled Jesus’ true teachings to avenge his obvious enmity

hvtbintl69 Says:

I understand your beliefs but what are they based upon? The evidence? Of course Mary/Jesus they never celebrated Easter. Jesus was the originator.
There is no evidence that Jesus survived the cross nor is there any evidence that he died in Kashmir years later. Nothing in archaeology or scripture verifies it.
Jesus was dead on the cross, his friends put him into the tomb due to the oncoming Sabbath not any kind of conspiracy with the Romans. No removal occurred.

paarsurrey Says:

Hi friend hvtbintl69

If Jesus would have been the originator of the Easter, the annual feast of the Christians; he must have celebrated it himself. In fact Jesus was not founder of the “Christianity”; it was Paul who founded “Christianity”:

1. Paul only used Christ’s name as a scapegoat

2. to spread his own (Paul’s) Theology invented at Rome

3. and also to take revenge from Jesus who had escaped death on Cross

4. by spoiling Jesus’ true teachings

5. and who (Jesus) had gone out of the reach of Paul who was a dead enemy of Jesus and his friends.

Jesus had nothing to do with Christianity of Paul and the Church.

I have given numerous proofs to that effect in my posts in my blog; you or other Christians of 32000+ denominations are welcome to refute them if you like, with your reasonable, rational and logical argument. I don’t think Christians could refute them. It is an inter-faith discussion blog; everybody is welcome to join the discussions opened by me in my posts. I respect all the 32000+ denominations of the Christians. Even JWs or Mormons who declare to be the only true Christians are welcome here. Everybody is invited to join the discussion.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Atheists have denominations like any other faith

February 3, 2010

Hi friends

Atheism, the most un-natural faith in my opinion, has got several denominations, though they won’t acknowledge it.

For knowing their denominations please access the following link:

I respect the Atheists and Atheism though.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


The Cross of the imagination of Paul stands broken

January 25, 2010

HollowScar wrote:

Also, Islam is the fastest growing, but look at the population of Muslims in some countries which are overpopulated. Look at the fact that, leaving means death. Look at the fact that there are many Muslims who aren’t true to themselves, and may not even be considered a Muslim by Allah. Look at the fact that Christianity is the largest religion in the world.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend HollowScar

I just want to correct you on one thing; “Christianity” is a misnomer started by Paul and the Church, it has nothing to do with Jesus or Mary or their beliefs and teachings. It is conglomerate of many denominations/faiths/religions 32000+ of them clubbed together with hardly anything in common. Each one of them considers themselves as the only true Christians and the others as heretics. So the population they quote is to be divided by at least 32000 and the quotient should be compared to the Muslims. The Catholics don’t consider Protestants as Christians and the vice versa. If you need I can provide you the references or just visit Catholics forums and see what they believe about Protestants; you may also visit the Protestant forums and see for yourself what they think about the Catholics.

A majority of the Catholics and Protestants have become Atheists Agnostics; as they don’t believe that Jesus was a God; human conscience rejects divinity of Jesus. If you count the Church going Christians; you will find still much less active members of these religions.

The Catholics Protestants, if they sincerely believe in Jesus; they should reform and reject all worthless concepts of Paul, clever working of his cunning brain, carved out of thin air or the same are like a spider’s web; only then the Catholics Protestants can bring back or salvage their members who have silently got converted to Atheism Agnosticism.

As it is not secret; the Atheists Agnostics though they should have been a reasonable people; yet being un-natural concepts they are nothing more than a meme; their permanent abode is in doubt and they have no recourse except in derision and ridiculing others. I still hope they may reform, if they start respecting other human beings. I respect their faith or un-faith.

The Catholics Protestants should find the true teachings of Jesus, Moses and other Messengers Prophets of the Creator – God Allah YHWH and also righteous women like Mary and Moses’ mother and should follow their beliefs and their acts and deeds. Therein lies their salvation; not in the obsolete concept of Jesus dieing on the Cross; as Jesus did not die on the Cross, so the Cross of the imagination of Paul stands broken and is futile as per his own words. Jesus made good his escape to India and died there peacefully and naturally at the age of about 120 years.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


Joseph Smith was not appointed by God Allah YHWH; and he asked irrelevant questions in the First Vision

June 10, 2009

Markparker1 says:

This is a link to the various accounts of his first vision:

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend markparker1

Thanks for providing me the link. I want to have full text of all nine narrations made by Joseph Smith of his First Vision.

I find that the harmony link provided by you mentions the narrations in first person but some are in third person; why is it so?

Please don’t mind.

Joseph Smith was not appointed by God Allah YHWH; and he asked irrelevant questions in the First Vision.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

How would you define “good, free and right”? Anybody please

June 7, 2009

What kind of hope do Atheists have?

Ron Ash, our Agnostic friend says:

I belong to all denominations and no denominations. My faith is that of hope, love and faith. Truth is my religion. Jesus advises me and I am guided by angels to do what God sends me to do. I Am an Apostle and all that it means to be.
Tell me a little about yourself.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Ron Ash

I don’t think it is a consistent or natural and scientific stance. It is good that you have a hope, love and faith.

How does Jesus advise you or angels from God Allah YHWH guide you.

Do you think you are an Apostle like Paul or Joseph Smith or you are different from them?

What kind of hope do Atheists have?

It is good that Truth is your religion.

David Woodford says:

Hope for a good and enjoyable life, free to do whatever one feels is right.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend David Woodford

Welcome to paarsurrey blog.

How would you define “good, free and right”, please? How would the human beings achieve these objectives more easily than others, according to the Agnostics and Athiests?


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Jesus of Bible, the mythical one, is outmoded for Americans; they need real and reason oriented Jesus

May 9, 2009

Our friend awfrick writes very intelligently in his blog; I recommend his blog for the viewers here:

We are having a useful discussion on “American Christianity”.

paarsurrey said:

Hi friend Adam, Awfrick

Thank you for approving me to your blog.

I have never been to America; so I am not familiar with the “American Christianity” and as to how it differs from the denominations, Catholics or Protestants.

Would you kindly elaborate for me about “American Christianity”?

awfrick said

American Christianity slowly intertwined with the American ideal of Capitalism; so instead of focusing on honest faith, it is greedy and exploitive. It has also become very fundamentalist, racist, sexist, and inappropriately political.
I can’t explain all of the problems in a few sentences, but keep reading my site and I’m sure you’ll begin to get the whole picture.
In short, the biggest problem is that we don’t have Christians that are as accepting and kind as you, friend!

Paarsurrey said:

Hi friend Adam, awfrick

As I could understand so far from your posts, please correct me if I am wrong; you believe in Jesus as a perfect human being, which has not been presented by the Church and Bible rationally.

The Bible is wrong to present Jesus as god; so the Bible has become to be a machine producing Atheists these days. America needs the real, research and reason oriented Jesus for solving the social, moral and spiritual problems faced by the American society now.

Instead of the mythical and ascetic Jesus of Bible, I think, revival of real teachings and acts of Jesus is needed to salvage those who have turned Atheists Agnostics.

I love Jesus and Mary as presented by Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim