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To ridicule and or to deride is inhuman in a discussion

February 15, 2014

Of “The Burden of Proof”

paarsurrey Says:
February 15, 2014 at 3:04 pm |
@ trueandreasonable

I really appreciate it.

In a debate where both sides are pitched against one another to win from the other if one or both sides sometimes resort to little name calling, it is understandable but in a discussion to ridicule or deride, I think it is most inhumane to do it.

If one side does it; that indicates, in my opinion, that it is short of reasons and good arguments; and virtually it has lost its case.

The other side is morally fine if it wants to continue with its reasoning but deletes the foul words yet keeps the reason content intact.

If the first party still persists with the same attitude; then the second party should withdraw from the discussion for sometime or some days; till the sentiments are cooled down and return to normal.
Then the discussion could be resumed.

I don’t debate to win or lose

January 15, 2014

If one debates to win; I declare him the winner beforehand and say to him “now let us discuss on the topic”.

I am an ordinary man in the street. I have no claims to piety or any scholarship. I have my own life, I am not impressed by others. Be they experts, scholars, scientists or whatever. I do respect them but I don’t have to follow them.

I have my own right to live and find my way to the Truth.

I certainly have a position which has reached me naturally. I do defend it, but I am open to accept other’s opinions if I am myself convinced that they are right. If others mock at me or ridicule me; I take it as if they have no further reasonable argument to offer and hence they have resorted to ridicule.

I don’t debate; if I see that the discussion is leading to a debate; I withdraw myself from it. This becomes obvious when in a discussion with a group only one person is left to discuss.
I don’t feel that I am under any compulsion to convince others to my side.

Such a position arose when I wrote to discuss on the topic “Did Jews Borrow Greek Myths: 3 examples” at Triangulations:

I believe that core teachings of every revealed religion has always been the same. Belief in the oneness of the One-True-God; and no belief in any other God/s; believing in the truthfulness of the messenger prophet of the time from God and obeying the prophet of the time in the path for reaching to the One-True-God. This is the core of every religion, whatever the name of religion at a certain point in time.
This position has been termed by a fellow blogger as “an all-inclusive” or being one from the “Inclusivists” as against the “Exclusivists”.

I still maintain my position and would have continued with that; but the discussion turned towards “the preservation of Quran and as to how it was collected”. I have written many posts on this topic in my blog before and also on other discussion forums and restating it on the “triangulation” blog would have been off-topic; considering it as derailment from the topic.

I would therefore request all the friends on the Triangulations; be they Atheists or Theists to Google “Paarsurrey: collection ,compilation and preservation of Quran”; they will get enough stuff to help them understand my point of view on it.

From another angle; I am also going to discuss it in one or more of my future posts in my blog; they can join to benefit from it.

No debate please. If one is eager to debate with me just to win; I declare him the winner before hand; now let us discuss it all.


I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or that the Atheists have a sole legitimate claim on Science

May 15, 2009

~Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries.

Godless American says:

What’s really funny is how the Theologist is the one that resorts to science and the atheist only uses his personal sense of reality. Totally switched around, hilarious!

paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Godless American

Thank you for visiting my blog and making some comments. I also just visited your blog, and gone through the contents. Yours is a busy blog. You are welcome here; though your views would be differing views sometimes, but I don’t mind.

I don’t think that the Atheists have any sole rights on science. Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries. I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or Religiosity.

It is free for any human without discrimination of being Theist or Non-Theist. There had been very great scientists who were amongst the Catholics Theists; and I admire them. There might be many, though not as great as Newton or Lois Pasture, nevertheless, there had been some scientists who are said to be Atheists; I admire them also. Any human being who has served God Allah YHWH well or who has served the Humanity, I admire them all.

Sorry, I don’t admire and don’t agree that a humanist should have the as I find it on your blog:

The Left Agenda

“We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and atheist blog. Little respect is given to right-wing ideology or Republican talking points. We enjoy laughing at right-wingers, and have no qualms lambasting them either. We hope you enjoy the Left Agenda. Please comment, debate, argue, insult, and laugh as much as you like. We will.”

Is it serving humanity or science? If you don’t mind; please feel free to tell us.

I love the Atheists/Agnostics as human beings as I love the Catholics, Protestants and JWs or Mormons


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


The fable is authored by our friend paul8bee and is exhibited on his blog:

Please feel free to add your comments on his blog also for the diversity; he is a non-denominational Theist, from Vancouver, Canada.


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