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All revealed religions have same basic teachings

April 29, 2012

All the revealed religions had the same basic teachings and were truthful in their origin. Religions presented by Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Socrates, Moses, Cyrus, Jesus etc were all truthful in origin; which proves that they had the same one source of Revelation from the ONE-Creator God.

The world has become like a close-net village

November 28, 2009

The world has become like a close-net village

Hello Paar, I understand your love of Jesus, Mary and Moses. However, about Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster and Cyrus, are you sure you are not violating the Quranic injunction?

Buddha particularly was an agnostic or a Deist who never really discussed about divinity and supernatural in his teaching. Maybe your answer will be that these people were originally prophets but their teachings interpolated over time period. Right?

How about Confucius? Do you love him too?

Humanity is but one family.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friends.

Since Quran is a Word of Revelation from the All-Wise, the Creator- God Allah YHWH; He sent Messenger Prophets to all the lands of the world to guide the humanity to His path. Now that the world has become like a close-net village; all these Messengers Prophets have been honored by Muhammad. The truthful Revelations, deeds/acts of all these Messengers Prophets have been secured in Quran; and their role has been set by God to introduce their nations and lead them to Muhammad – the Seal of Messengers Prophets; Muhammad authenticates their truthfulness, under lasting principles mentioned in Quran.

I love Jesus, Mary, Moses, Moses’ mother, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tse , Confucius, Socrates, Zoroaster, Cyrus etc great leaders of the world in Ethics, Morals and Spirituality; I love them all; this is the teaching of Quran/Islam/Muhammad as explained by the Promised Messiah 1835-1908. I think it has got a lot of common sense and wisdom; my Atheist and Agnostic friends would admit.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Truth knows no barriers of time and space, race or color

October 26, 2008

Man is born in this world with the will and mercy of the Creator of Heavens and Earth. It is not an individual’s discretion where to be born and when to be born. One is born anywhere on the time axis or the space axis; and is responsible for search for Truth.

It is better for him to place himself at different points on both the axis and observe his status in relation to Truth; this might help one remove one’s illusions and thus mend his ways, then one can steer his ways on to the true path again and set himself on a new point of understanding, maybe elevated than before.

The Second Coming 1835-1908 (of Krishna/Christ) makes such an understanding very easy wherever we are on the globe. He is blessed with calling himself a Muslim- a submitter to truth in peace; and this is what one should be in real terms. A Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a Muslim, etc, should be a submitter to truth in peace.

I am a very ordinary follower of him. The Question is why?

Because he has been guided by GodAllahYHWH and my following him does not hinder my path of following Krishna, Moses, Zorotushtara, Abrahm, Jesus, Socrates,Cyrus, Muhammad and other truthful persons born anywheres and anytimes in the globe; with whom God spoke one to one or face to face. This natural wisdom, or Revelation or Word of God from God’s mouth; endowed on him from One on High open new vistas of understanding.

I have no problem in accepting Krishan/Krishna a DivineGuide.

My question to my Hindu friends/brothers in humanity is: if you were in Krishna’s time; would you have accepted him or rejected him? If you would have accepted him (I pray you would have); under what criteria/principles? If you would have not accepted him; under what criteria/principles?

I must say you must find the truthful criteria; as that would prove, in my opinion, that you don’t have a blind faith or an illusion; but a research based faith or a faith with eyes.

If Jesus falls within your criteria; would you accept him a DivineGuide?


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim