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Would you like a miniature replica of a mangled car your loved one died in?

April 15, 2013

Hank Kimball says:

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Jesus died on a torcher stake. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Paul tell the same story, from their angle. Plus, it only makes sense. Not a lot of wood in the Middle East countries, back then or now. It has been a dry arid environment as far back as our history shows. Why would the scribes, Pharisees or Romans, take more wood or WORK than necessary to KILL a person or persons(many were killed together with others, at one court time) that they deemed immoral, evil or deserving of death?. They wouldn’t. Nobody would. It doesn’t even make sense.

My theory is that of idolatry. The history of it proves it out. Simply, a cross makes a better looking item of worship than what can be confused as a stick. That’s another thing. Over and over again God condemns the worshiping, blessing and idolizing of graven imagines. I honestly think people don’t know what that means. And, would you like a miniature replica of a mangled car your loved one died in, on a chain to hang around your neck ? So you can remember their suffering. Jesus loves us. You know, Jesus didn’t HAVE TO die in a suffering way to complete the ransom sacrifice. Jesus just had to die without disobedience to God.

Theoretically Jesus could have died of old age. Then you’d be wearing a gold or silver miniature bed around your neck.! He died for us! He didn’t suffer for us. He suffered because of the cruel and horrible WAY he died, because of the customs and IGNORANCE of the people that killed him. He DID NOT CHOOSE to suffer. Jesus knew what was coming and it scared Him. Some people think that’s blasphemy. Jesus ask God to spare Him IF it would be God’s will. He didn’t ask because He suddenly had a change of heart. Jesus wasn’t beyond human emotion and feeling. Satan would have NEVER wasted his time in trying to tempt Jesus to sin if Jesus wasn’t human in every respect, save one, Jesus was a man without sin. That’s because Jesus was born of God’s active force, the Holy Spirit, not imperfect man.

If your religion isn’t actually using the bible as the basis of service, you might want to question why. That’s because the bible clearly says at John 17:3 ‘This means everlasting life,their taking in knowledge of you, the only true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Christ Jesus.’

Paarsurrey says:

I agree with Hank Kimball that Jesus and cross should not be worshipped; it is simple idolatry, Moses and Jesus both condemn worshiping, blessing and idolizing of graven imagines.

Cross is a symbol of torture of Jesus instead of loving and wearing it; it should be disliked. Has ever a person loved the gun with which one’s dear one has been killed?

I think Christians should not use Cross as a symbol of Jesus’ religion and it should be removed from the rooftops of the Churches by lovers of Jesus themselves.

Unless Christians

April 3, 2013

Paarsurrey says:

It is a good post wherein purpose of life has been nicely explained and the hollowness of Atheism/naturalism has been exposed.

But for the sentence at the end “For me this is one of the reasons among many Christianity makes real sense”.

Jesus did not believe in the modern Christianity; it has nothing to do with Him.

Jesus did not believe in “Trinity”, or of his being “god” or “son of god”; or his death on the Cross; or his ascension to heaven bodily from Jerusalem after the event of Cross.

Unless the Christians follow the acts and beliefs of Jesus and Mary, they must doubt fulfilling the purpose of life; following Paul and scribes would lead them nowhere. One should not remain in illusions.


This morning I ran into a Starbucks and saw an old friend. We had few minutes so we began to talk about life and sort of catch up investigating each other. Within our conversation I clearly could see that he was surprised that the crazy guy he knew twenty years ago would become a Pastor. I could see the cold expression and confusion on his face as he wondered why I guy like me would educate himself in theology and waste good money on a certification on Apologetics. He thought such an education was a complete waste of time and money, but he wanted to be nice so he just questionably smiled as I answered his questions. I could visibly see his restraint as I knew he wanted to unload on me about being a Christian. However, he continued in the small talk, until an old member of my church…

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Bleeding obvious that Jesus death did not occur on the Cross

March 31, 2013

Paarsurrey says:

I appreciate your post.

It is bleeding obvious that Jesus death did not occur on the Cross.

Jews did try to kill Jesus on the cross and put him on it but Jesus was delivered from it in near-dead position.

What happened to Jesus is mentioned in the Fifth Gospel; according to it Jesus travelled to India and later died there after a long life of about 120 years; one may like to access the following link:

The Tomb of Yuz-Asaph

The Tomb of Yuz-Asaph is situated in Anzimar, Khanyar, Srinagar, the summer capital of Kashmir. Srinagar, which means the city of the sun, is an ancient city. It is divided into parts, i.e. the old city and the new city and the tomb is situated in the old city. The people of Kashmir call it Roza-bal, meaning the site of the tomb, and declare that it is a tomb of Yuz-Asaph. This prophet came to Kashmir 1000 years ago, and preached the same parables of Christ.189 Popular local to tradition connects it with the tomb of Jesus Christ.190 Some say it is the tomb of the Prophet of “the people of the Book.”191

A good point of research indeed

an autodidact meets a dilettante...


I actually don’t mind a day off from pubs, restaurants, shops and, of course, work, on one day of the year – holidays, days of chillaxin every now and then are well worth having – the ancient Romans loved em I hear – but to commemorate the putative crucifixion of someone who, as the incomprehensible narrative goes – died for our sins, or that we might be set free or have eternal grace, because he was a god or the son thereof but at the same time a human being or a symbol of all the sufferings of humanity and so on and on, well I get a little resentful of having that sort of shite imposed on me. So I’m just wondering, as this country’s Christian religiosity diminishes day by day, how much longer the good Friday saga will last. At least this morning’s ABC news breakfast program was…

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“Ending the pretense of faith”

March 20, 2010

Hi friends

I quote from the article:

“These pastors, at least, have begun the important process of being honest with themselves”

I agree that these pastors have admitted an obvious fact; that what they preach is not based on truth. This open admission of the pastors if carried to its logical conclusions must entail the reform of the Christians faith in face of the Skepticism- taking place vacated by the Christian faith. And fortunately it is not difficult to do so. It should not be difficult to find out as to what Jesus and Mary believed in and what they never believed in but the Church ascribed it to them. What Jesus, Mary and the OTBible Prophets believed in was reasonable, rational and logical; with a little thought that could be ascertained and refreshed.

Jesus and Mary were devoted Jews; followers of Moses and OTBible or Torah and the Prophets. They could never deviate from their faith. So much so that Jesus was ready and in fact he was put on the Cross; but he did not waiver. He stood by the reasonable faith he had.

One has just to see as to what was Jesus’ and Mary’s belief in terms of the OTBible. The extra teachings later added or invented are just to be expunged being worthless additions and untrue witnessing.

The reformation is ready and it will be fine. Christians already believe in the OTBible; so the reformation would be within their belief system and not outside of it.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Jesus and Mary being Jews never celebrated Easter

March 18, 2010

hvtbintl69 Says:

I agree we have common points yet it is my desire as a Christian that you understand the differences because Eternity is a long time. The reason why Christians celebrate Easter is because Jesus bought eternity for us – he was the perfect sacrifice for sin. Jesus died on the cross – it was not someone that “seemed” like him, it was him and he rose.

paarsurrey Says:

Hi friend “hvtbintl69”

I don’t agree here:

1. I don’t think Jesus, who was a Jesus and his mother Mary also; they ever celebrated Easter- of the Catholics Protestants.

2. Jesus never bought any eternity for anybody; he himself died a natural and peaceful death in India.

3. Jesus never sacrificed himself for anybody’s sins.

4. Jesus never died on the Cross; he was alive when delivered from the Cross but in a near-dead position; that is why his friends took him hurriedly to a spacious tomb for treatment; so that he does not get suffocated.

5. Jesus never died on the Cross; so there is no question for his beings risen from the dead.
I think you understand.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The Cross of the imagination of Paul stands broken

January 25, 2010

HollowScar wrote:

Also, Islam is the fastest growing, but look at the population of Muslims in some countries which are overpopulated. Look at the fact that, leaving means death. Look at the fact that there are many Muslims who aren’t true to themselves, and may not even be considered a Muslim by Allah. Look at the fact that Christianity is the largest religion in the world.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend HollowScar

I just want to correct you on one thing; “Christianity” is a misnomer started by Paul and the Church, it has nothing to do with Jesus or Mary or their beliefs and teachings. It is conglomerate of many denominations/faiths/religions 32000+ of them clubbed together with hardly anything in common. Each one of them considers themselves as the only true Christians and the others as heretics. So the population they quote is to be divided by at least 32000 and the quotient should be compared to the Muslims. The Catholics don’t consider Protestants as Christians and the vice versa. If you need I can provide you the references or just visit Catholics forums and see what they believe about Protestants; you may also visit the Protestant forums and see for yourself what they think about the Catholics.

A majority of the Catholics and Protestants have become Atheists Agnostics; as they don’t believe that Jesus was a God; human conscience rejects divinity of Jesus. If you count the Church going Christians; you will find still much less active members of these religions.

The Catholics Protestants, if they sincerely believe in Jesus; they should reform and reject all worthless concepts of Paul, clever working of his cunning brain, carved out of thin air or the same are like a spider’s web; only then the Catholics Protestants can bring back or salvage their members who have silently got converted to Atheism Agnosticism.

As it is not secret; the Atheists Agnostics though they should have been a reasonable people; yet being un-natural concepts they are nothing more than a meme; their permanent abode is in doubt and they have no recourse except in derision and ridiculing others. I still hope they may reform, if they start respecting other human beings. I respect their faith or un-faith.

The Catholics Protestants should find the true teachings of Jesus, Moses and other Messengers Prophets of the Creator – God Allah YHWH and also righteous women like Mary and Moses’ mother and should follow their beliefs and their acts and deeds. Therein lies their salvation; not in the obsolete concept of Jesus dieing on the Cross; as Jesus did not die on the Cross, so the Cross of the imagination of Paul stands broken and is futile as per his own words. Jesus made good his escape to India and died there peacefully and naturally at the age of about 120 years.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


No infallible historicity of the Catholic Protestant Scriptures

January 24, 2010

Aaron wrote:

I invite you to love the Jesus of history, the true Promised Messiah, as recorded in Scripture.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Aaron

There is no infallible historicity of the Catholic Protestant Scriptures. Jesus lived up to the age of 120 years. The Catholic Protestant Scriptures give only 3 years of Jesus life in Judea and that only for a specific purpose which makes it a biased resource; one could simply judge the historicity of the scripture from it.

There is hardly any account of Jesus life before three years of his childhood and what he did before the age of 27 years in Egypt or elsewhere in the Catholic Protestant Scriptures.

When Jesus made good his escape to India from a cursed death in consequence of Jews putting him on the Cross; the Catholic Protestant Scriptures fail to record accounts of Jesus’ life in India and the neighboring countries.

Even these three years accounts of Jesus life in Judea have contradicting reports of the events.

For instance I just take one:

Matthew records that all the disciple of Jesus had fled away from the scene of the Cross and they deserted Jesus.

John says that a beloved disciple of Jesus was there and Jesus asked him to take care of his mother deserted Jesus Mary; the other Gospels don’t record it. Even John mentions it in third person; why should he be ashamed of mentioning his name in the first person if he was there; he was simply not there.

It is only a wishful thinking of the Catholic Protestant that their scriptures have any infallible historicity. No; that is not true.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran

Thanks and regards

Jesus made good his escape to India

January 23, 2010

Aaron Says:

Hi again,

I agree with you that Deuteronomy 13 is relevant to the charge for which Jesus was condemned (along with other passages such as Leviticus 24:16).

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Aaron

I thank you for acknowledging that the Jews tried to punish Jesus for his claim of Prophet-hood or Messenger-ship; and it was not for Jesus claiming any divinity which Jesus had never done in literal terms.
Jesus never claimed any literal divinity (being the Creator- God Allah YHWH) in him and he never showed any signs for that. Jesus did not create any Sun to make two Suns; or he did not create any more Moons to make them two moons or a further additional Earth where people could go and inhibit it ; everything remained the same as far the creation is concerned; there was no visible or invisible change in the Universe. Jesus only claimed being a Messenger or Prophet like so many before him.

Jesus could therefore not claim any deity for himself.
It is Paul who claimed it for Jesus only to be-fool the so called “Christians”. Paul frustrated the claim Jesus had made of a truthful Prophet Messenger. Paul on the face of it promoted Jesus from a Prophet Messenger to a god; and in reality with cunning-ness he deprived him of the both. He made Jesus a false Messenger Prophet by hanging him on the Cross with the purpose of dieing on the Cross; and thus receiving and acknowledging receipt and execution of the punishment prescribed by Moses for a false Prophet Messenger.

Since Jesus did not die on the Cross, after treatment in the tomb where he was laid, of his injuries inflicted on him on the Cross he made good his escape to India; so the basis carved by Paul for Jesus’ divinity never materialized.

Paul succeeded in be-fooling the Catholics Protestants; till such time this infamy put on Jesus by Paul was exposed by Muhammad when he exonerated Jesus of such wrongs by receiving a Word from the Creator-God Allah YHWH.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


Jesus in the tomb: Catholics Protestants to count 3 days

January 23, 2010

Nosubmission wrote:

More, Jesus said that the parallelism between Himself and Jonah was confined to the time of stay in a place: 3 days.

Paarsurrey says:

Now please enumerate period of 3 days, as you have mentioned. I am sure no Catholic or Protestant would ever be able to count these three days also.

Paarsurrey wrote after 3, 4 days, as no Catholic Protestant came forward to count the period of 3 days:

Hi friends

No Catholic or Protestant enumerates the period of 3 days; none a witness to it. This was not the essence of Sign of Jonah; the essence was not to die. Jonah did not die in the belly of the fish; so must Jesus not die in the incident of putting him on the Cross. It is easy; the Catholics and Protestant should understand and come out of the hotch potch of Paul and the Church. Why make your religion/faith an absurdity before Atheists Agnostics for nothing?

Jesus was a wise Prophet of the Creator-God Allah YHWH; he and his mother never believed in such absurdities.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


Underhand deal between Pilate and the friends of Jesus

January 20, 2010

Nosubmission wrote:

Jonah’s going to the belly of the fish was equal to his death

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friends

You mean Jonah was near-death in the Belly of the fish; yes agreed. If Jesus was to show this sign then he must not die on the Cross, though he might be near-dead on the Cross to the maximum.

Jesus was near-dead on the cross, sure, nevertheless he was still alive; it is for this pretext that his bones were not broken. If Jesus could become alive from the literal dead; what difference had it made to him if his bones would have been also broken or he would have remained in the open and never taken to a tomb?

This suggests that there was an underhand deal between Pilate and the friends of Jesus. Jesus bones were not broken lest he really dies and he was hurriedly taken to an airy and spacious tomb, which could accommodate Jesus and those who wanted to treat the injured Jesus. This is what happened and when Jesus’ wounds got cured, he immigrated to India.

The Catholics Protestants should accept this truth and come out of the deception of cunning Paul as in time warned by Jesus.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.