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Did Jesus ever demand jizya to be paid?

November 27, 2011

A Christian asks: Did Jesus ever demand jizya to be paid?

Paarsurrey replies:

Jesus companions did not support him; they deserted him and fled away; though they were commanded to sell their clothes and buy swords; so Jesus left such companions and migrated to India, and neighboring countries where the lost ten tribes were settled; they accepted him and supported him and gave Jesus the title of Prince-the-Prophet or Prophet- the Prince.

The correct concept of Sunnah of Muhammad; demonstration of an act by Muhammad ‎that has been commanded in Quran

July 15, 2009‎allowed


July 14, 2009 • 6:49 a


Dear Paarsurrey:

i dont think it is clearly mentioned in the Quran and hadith that you have to marry young ‎girl…but as you know thing are working according to SUNNA… Prophet ‎Muhammed daily life things are called sunna.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Poma

Thank you for acknowledgeing that there is no verse in Quran where it is commanded to ‎Muslims that they should not to marry adult girls; rather they should marry only child ‎girls.

Your concept of Sunnah is incorrect. Sunnah is something which is commanded or ‎mentioned in Quran and needed Muhammad to demonstrate it in action. If it is not ‎commanded in Quran, then it is not Sunnah. Please correct your concept.

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