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Is faith the backbone of Science?

April 2, 2017

I started a thread on the above topic in my most cherished discussion forum Religious Forums

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#1 paarsurrey

Is faith the backbone of Science?


#3 l.……. wrote:

No. Science uses the scientific method of repeated experimentation and observation to battle any use of faith. When a “scientific theory” is presented, scientists scramble to do their best to disprove it.

Paarsurrey comments: #20

“repeated experimentation and observation to battle any use of faith.”

  1. Does repeated “experimentation and observation” make it immune from the errors or blunders?
  2. After how many experimentation the result understood/interpreted will be considered 100% correct?
  3. Has it ever happened that the result understood to be correct was later found to be erroneous?
  4. The word “repeated” shows that doubt was there in the very first place, and it was only out of faith that the  exercise was continued. Science is, therefore, the fruit of faith.
  5. It is not a “battle” with faith, rather it is battle with doubt. Human conscience reject doubt, faith generates peace and  progress .
So, it is faith and faith alone in the “experimentation and observation” that science, the scientists and the people dealing in science that science “works”  and continues its endeavors. Please
Right? Please




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Atheism is a misnomer for the Atheists : Atheism unreasonable

February 13, 2010

Teuton wrote:

Atheism as the rejection of the belief in God/gods (but not as the positive denial of this belief) is not a belief itself but it entails one: the belief that there are no good reasons to believe in God/gods or no sound arguments in favor of the existence of God/gods. And this very belief might be false, which means that negative atheism is not justified per se.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friend Teuton

I think Atheism is a misnomer for the Atheists; their first distinction is that everything should be believed or should not to be believed unless it has solid reason.

“God does does not exist” is the rant of the Atheists; and it is a positive statement. The Atheists don’t give any proofs and evidences that “God does does not exist”.Hence their rant is in vain.

The Atheists sometimes say that negatives cannot be proved; if it is so; what physicians have prescribed them not to believe in God? It simply shows that their position is wrong to start with.

The Atheists standpoint is “hollow” or “empty space inside”; it is a transitory stage; one should search for the One-True-God like a truthful seeker and get out of this “hollowness”; the sooner the better.

If someday they find a reason that the Creator- God Allah YHWH exists; they should be the first to accept it; if they don’t accept, then they have no backbone left, in my opinion.


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