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“How Should Atheism Be Taught?”

February 1, 2018

The endowment of the country’s first college chair for the study of the subject draws attention to the complexity of nonbelief in America today.


Paarsurrey comments:

I find following points interesting in the above article:

  1. 61 percentof “nones” said they believe in God
  2. When the New Atheism movement began, campus organizations such as the Secular Student Alliancestarted to grow in popularity, said Stephen LeDrew, a sociologist of secularism and atheism. After a while, though, many young people turned away due to what they perceived as the Islamophobia and misogyny of the New Atheist movement, a movement that they expected would align with progressive values. These kinds of concerns are compounded by the fact that self-identified atheists are disproportionately white, male, and highly educated when compared with the general public.
  3. “a philosophical approach to the world that emphasizes the methodologies of science, logic, and reason in facing up to questions of … how we should act in the world today,”
  4. Appignani was adamant that it is “strictly academic”; he said the point is that young people will now be “exposed” to the study of nonbelief and will “be able to choose” what they agree with—“and not be ostracized in the process.”

I agree with the point # 4 above that the students should have a chance to know about Atheism  and the Religion in the schools, colleges and the Universities before they are engaged in the pursuit of their active life and the professions .



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