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Science and Naturalism

July 21, 2013

Paarsurrey says:
I like following points mentioned by you.

1. science is not bound to a particular philosophy

2. I will have to define some terms. When I say “science” I mean the scientific method. Science is (as I’ve said in previous blog posts) organized and methodical learning. Science is about asking questions, performing experiments, and then asking more and better questions based on the results. Science is tool, and it is a tool that is open to anyone who can think. Whether you are Hindu, Christian, or an atheist you can perform science. A scientist only needs to believe two things on faith; that nature is reasonable and that nature is understandable.

3. If everything has a reason then science as a concept will work; if everything just happens for no particular reason, if there are no “laws” defining how things work, then science is only an illusion.

4. To be a scientist you do not have follow any particular creed. That is why there are excellent scientists both past and present who are Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslims, Christians, etc. However this fact is not immediately apparent to all people.

5. Now it is understandable why so many people, if only unconsciously, believe that you must be a naturalist to be a scientist. That is because of the limits of science itself. Science can only tell us about things inside of nature; things we can observe and test. If there is a God outside of nature then science cannot prove his existence.

You have used simple words but have explained a lot; this bridges gaps between the Theists and the Atheists.

The Page Nebula

I recently had the pleasure of having an intellectual conversation with a friend who I had a disagreement with. It’s a rare pleasure to be sure, and the fact that it is rare probably says more about me than anything else. Most of my friends agree with me on the matters I care most about, and if there is disagreement we would rather not bring up the subject. This is, I think, typical of most Americans (or perhaps I should say most white Americans; African-American culture is more accepting in general of honest conflict between friends and family which is to their credit). The only reason I came into open argument with this friend was the fact that he repeatedly aired his contrary views on Facebook and it is infinitely easier to get into an argument over the internet than it is in person. On the internet I have all…

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Buddha is not an icon of atheism

June 19, 2013

Buddha is not an icon of atheism. He did not deny in the Creator God.

Christopher Hitchens in his book “God is not great” says in Chapter Fourteen:

“There Is No “Eastern Solution”, meaning thereby that there is no solution in Buddha’s religion; hence it is evident that atheists/agnostics/skeptics don’t believe that he was an agnostic/atheist or skeptic.

Buddha had a religion, rather he was a founder of a religion, while agnostics/atheists and skeptics pronounce they have no religion.

Am I right?

Yet the Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics have no strong reason and or evidence that the Creator God does not exist.

This is their contradiction they demand from others that they themselves don’t have.

Then by their standards the atheists should not claim to be rational, scientific or reasonable even.


We don’t hate Atheists or Agnostics

May 8, 2013

I give here a post written by me for my favourite discussion forum on the thread

#99 Is Islam a universal religion.

One may like to comment there in the forum or here in this blog, my pleasure:

“We don’t hate Atheists or Agnostics. They deny Word of Revelation al-right but they uphold reason and rationality; two of the three sources of human knowledge, so dear to a truthful believer. We don’t judge them; to do absolute judgement is an attribute of the Lord of the Day of Judgement  and that would be in the afterlife. They are with us fighting against mythical concepts and superstitions.

Just for non-believing there is no retribution in this world; unless one becomes a hardened enemy additionally with non-believing.

Atheists or Agnostics are an important segment of humans though they claim to have no religion as I understand; yet we have all love and sympathy with them; they could join the truthful religion as and when they are convinced heart and soul; the door is open to them as it is to anybody else.

This way the universality of the truthful religion remains intact, in my opinion.

That is what I believe sincerely; others could differ with me; no compulsion.”

Another post in the same thread from Paarsurrey:


” The topic is not ‘Is Islam the only universal religion’; it is ‘Is Islam a universal religion’, I think for the purpose of this discussion we don’t have to make it exclusive for other religions.

To make it exclusive for a religion; that religion must provide the claim and reason both from their original Word revealed in the original language; if not in detail at least in germane.”

Our concern is; what Buddha believed, not what the Buddhists believe

May 8, 2013

It should not be a matter of surprise for one; if Christians could start believing in Trinity out of the thin air despite Jesus believing in one true God; the same could have and has happened in case Buddha; his followers tilting to the other side pronounce that Buddha did not believe in one God.

Buddha’s ways and conduct is starkly different from the Atheists or Agnostics; his conduct is that of a believer, and not of a disbeliever.

Buddha left nothing in writing and he spoke Magadhi, not Pali, I think.

My concern is Buddha; not his followers.

Hitchens with his poor knowledge of Quran/Islam/Muhammad

March 30, 2013

This is further to my post Christopher Hitchens had poor knowledge of Quran

I quote from Hitchens:

“Given all that, it is surprising how petty some of the “supernatural” miracles now seem. As with spiritualist seances, which cynically offer burblings from the beyond to relatives of the late deceased, nothing truly interesting is ever said or done.

To the story of Muhammad’s “night flight” to Jerusalem (the hoofprint of his horse Borak* is still allegedly to be seen on the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque) it would be unkind to make the obvious riposte that horses cannot and do not fly.

It is more pertinent to notice that people, ever since the beginning of their long and exhausting journeys across the earth’s surface, gazing for days at the rear end of a mule, have fantasized about speeding up the tedious process. Folkloric seven-league boots can give the wearer a spring in his step, but this is only tinkering with the problem. The real dream, for thousands of years, involved envy of the birds (feathered descendants of the dinosaurs, as we now know) and the yearning to fly. Chariots in the sky, angels that could glide freely on the thermals … it is only too easy to see the root of the wish. Thus the Prophet speaks to the longing of every peasant who wishes that his beast could take wing and get on with it. But given infinite power, one might have thought that a more striking or less simpleminded miracle could have been confected.”

“God is not Great”: Chapter Ten: The Tawdriness of the Miraculous and the Decline of Hell

*or Al-Burāq

Paarsurrey says:

Now this is all nonsense from Hitchens. One may read Quran from the beginning to the end there is no mention of this Borak anywhere in Quran.

I provide here an online link for Quran with search engine in English and Arabic:

One may check Quran for one’s own satisfaction.

This confirms that Hitchens’ knowledge of religion is based on Bible; not on Quran, hence he hides behinds his own words “most notably the Christian” and then makes an unfounded and poor generalization in the second sentence given above.

Hitchens, as is evident, never read Quran intently, hence he did not quote from Quran, not even a single verse to substantiate his viewpoint.

Quran is the first and the foremost source of guidance of all Muslims, whatever their denomination. Had Hitchens been an honest research scholar with some scientific method of research he must have based his criticism of Islam primarily on Quran but that is not the case; he relied on the traditional source called Hadith which never existed in the time of Muhammad. Hadith was collected 200/250 years after Muhammad.

Hence, whatever is written in Hadith; Muhammad/Quran/Islam are not responsible for it. Criticism of Hitchens of Islam/Quran/Muhammad is therefore irrelevant and is of shallow significance.

The Americans who are in search of God; they should reject this shallow research of Christopher Hitchens, in my opinion.

Americans in search of Truth

March 27, 2013

Americans in search of the Truth or in search of the one true creator God

I think Americans will reject Atheists or Atheism.

Atheists have failed to prove with any tangible evidences that “one true creator God does not exist”. It is their lame excuse that negatives cannot be proved; that is only admittance that their stance is incorrect; and they don’t have any solid stand to stand on; theirs is an extremist position.

Agnostics admit the wrong position of the Atheists and take the position that they don’t know if God exists or not; they tend to be neutral. If they hold this position truthfully then they would have never cared if somebody believed in God or not; morally they should have kept silent.

Skeptics are in doubt; they take a negative position. Doubt generates only doubts until one is overcome by cynicism; far from the truth. Truth is a positive position and it does exist.

The only rational position is to become theists- believers in one true creator God.

Buddhist Emperor Ashoka’s title “Beloved one of Gods”

May 24, 2012


Buddhist Emperor Ashoka’s title “Beloved one of Gods”

Emperor Ashoka’s given name was Asoka but he assumed the title Devanampiya Piyadasi which means “Beloved-of-the-Gods, He Who Looks on with Affection.”

Ashoka (ca. 304–232 BC) – also known as Ashoka the Great was an Indian Emperor of the Maurya Dynasty.

His period was prior to the canonization of Buddhist scripture; and he was a fervent follower of Buddha; under his rule Buddha’s teachings spread far and wide.

His title shows us that he was Theist; and this clearly hints that the earlier followers of Buddha were believers or Theists; they were not Atheists or Agnostics.

The Atheists while away their lives; having no purpose of life

June 13, 2011

There is a grand purpose of life that many don’t understand and they think that they have understood the purpose of their existence and are in fact already working for it; while they are only spending their time to earn a living.
There are some people who believe that their time on earth is all they have, and they have nothing beyond this life so they usually make a great effort to make the most of it engaged in sensual pursuits if they have some wealth; and if they don’t have any, they could attempt at a suicide.

This kind of purpose is only a carrier oriented concept and it is personal; I am not here to object to it.
Humans do have desires and they feel happy when a desire is attained.

I think it is a goal or target that one fixes for one’s business or for one’s career that is generally being thought of as a purpose of one’s existence which is quite different from the purpose of man’s life.

To say that our purpose in life is simply to experience life does not explain the phenomenon well; that everybody experiences whether one attains one’s goals, targets or one fails it anyway. Whether one is a believer or not a believer; it is one’s duty to remember always that humanity flourishes under the doctrine of mutual gratification; that is needed for co-existence in this world.

They think that the believers are working for the promise of paradise after death; so many believers waste their lives here on earth because they think the best is yet to come. Working for a living is not detestable and in fact believers do work to earn a living; they also serve humanity with as much zeal as do the non-believers, yet always mindful of the purpose of life which makes life a positive pursuit.

They don’t work in a way that others get harmed and humanity falls out of balance, and someone is cheated out of their share of gratification.

This is how it is described in the story of Cain and Able; where Cain felt cheated.
We should care that humanity does not become out balanced in the course of our achieving limited goals and targets.
Always keeping in mind; are we not cheating another out of their gratification if we convince them that their PURPOSE in life has no value?

They are not being cheated; they are only to steer their lives in a way that they achieve the meaning in life they have found within the overall purpose which they have been made responsible to uphold; in fact it will rather boost their efforts.
Going to heaven-is the purpose of religion is a concept mostly misunderstood, it is not the primary purpose of religion; though that would happen anyway by default if one achieves the purpose of life.

One may say that one have plenty of purpose. I intend to enjoy my life, and to achieve the goals that I believe will make me happy and satisfied with the choices I have made in my life.

There is plenty of meaning and purpose in my life; a non-believer atheist may say.

Here one should think that humans are all one species; so a common purpose should apply to everyone in a broader sense.
I think one should not mention one’s personal targets that is not to be confused with the purpose of human life
Creating a purpose for one’s life is different from assigning a purpose by the creator himself.
You create a purpose for your life; which you think gives your life a meaning. If you should decide to create a meaning that serves a purpose higher than self then that would be good.

The highest purpose life can have is to serve humanity, to make it stronger, to build its knowledge base, to understand the wisdom/truth derived by all knowledge and experience received.

Thus, the human species continues to live on, and on, and on.

Why should not there be a great purpose of human life which is an intelligent race; they can speak and write?
Lower Life cannot speak or write, except to a little extent; so their purpose should not be equaled to the Human Life; it will be most unreasonable.

Pantheists are wrong to maintain the view that the Universe or Nature and God are identical. This is wrong; nature does manifest and reflect the attributes of the Creator but nature is different from the Creator.
The Creator-God Allah YHWH is distinctively different from the created; the universe and all within it are created by Him and under his effective control; so they are not identical:

[39:63] Allah is the Creator of all things, and He is Guardian over all things.
[39:64] To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth; and as for those who disbelieve in the Signs of Allah, these it is who are the losers.
[39:65] Say, ‘Is it other gods than Allah that you bid me worship, O ye ignorant ones?’
[39:66] And verily it has been revealed to thee as unto those before thee: ‘If thou attribute partners to God, thy work shall surely go vain and thou shalt certainly be of the losers.’
[39:67] Aye, worship Allah and be among the thankful.
[39:68] And they do not esteem Allah, with the esteem that is due to Him. And the whole earth will be but His handful on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand. Glory to Him and exalted is He above that which they associate with Him.

We don’t deny that there are people among the atheists who have served the cause of humanity; but that is one aspect of life; believers also do it; it is common with the good people irrespective whether they are believers or non-believers.
These might be famous people and celebrities. They are politicians, authors, actors, businesspeople, directors, professors, intellectuals, scientists, performers, artists and others.

They might have all accomplished a significant success in their field during their lives and would have received recognition for it; and that is why they were famous.

But the non-believers did not attach the true dimension of the purpose of life with their deeds, which they could have done, if they knew it.

Speaking generally about the purpose of life for all of humanity one may say it is probably simply to reproduce the off-spring; that exists there and is common with the other animals; but here the question arises: do the humans have the same purpose as the animals have.

One may note here a point that humans need much more caring than the other animals need; which hints that the purpose of creation of humans is much higher than of the animals. A calf would be on his own within a couple of months but a human child needs much more care; he has to learn how to speak, how to deal with others and how to get educated. So purpose of animals and humans cannot be equaled.

However famous the celebrities are; while they have been allowed free will and they can spend their lives as they please; but they have no intention to lead their life in particular relating to the purpose of life, so intentionally or unintentionally they waste their life in this perspective in mind.

Nobody in this world accomplishes anything significant without a sense of purpose. All of these people have demonstrated a strong sense of meaning in their lives according to the goals and and definitely not “whiling away their lives.”
Lance Armstrong, who is a record-setting Tour de France cyclist, and has survived testicular cancer after being given a 40% chance to live, and now works for cancer research.

This man has accomplished a tremendous amount in his life. Nobody lives the life he has lived without goals and purpose.
These are just his thoughts; it does not explain the purpose of human life.

Such acts are done more often by religious people than the atheists.

[2:63] Surely, the Believers, and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabians — whichever party from among these truly believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds — shall have their reward with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.

Why should not there be a great purpose of human life which is an intelligent race; they can speak and write?
Life at a lower level of evolution cannot speak or write; so their purpose should not be equaled to the purpose of human life who can speak and write distinctive qualities of humans; it will be most unreasonable.

The parents only know that they performed their natural duty and urge like I performed my duty and urge; that is personal thing; not a common purpose of life where evolution leads us all the human beings.

That could be their pass time to entertain one; they have yet to find a purpose of life for which evolution started and is leading all the human beings.

That is defining a personal or limited goal; not the purpose of human life at large.

There are the purposes society or others assign to you. You have duties and responsibilities. Many are assigned rather than being chosen. They are not objective purposes because they are not natural, and they are not subjective because you don’t choose them.
Then there are people who just don’t need an objective and don’t like assigned purpose, but find their own subjective purpose is all they need or want.

Einstein was right to say: A knowledge of the existence of something we cannot penetrate, of the manifestations of the profoundest reason and the most radiant beauty – it is this knowledge and this emotion that constitute the truly religious attitude; in this sense, and this alone, I am a deeply religious man.

You will agree that the atheists have no idea of purpose of life of a man; if one does not know it, one has no intent to achieve it; all of one’s deeds are just in vain.
Life without purpose is life wasted.

There is a grand and broad purpose of life within which one could have one’s goals and targets.

The atheists agnostics skeptics apatheists; all while away their lives; finding no real purpose in life and no goal in life, their actions become meaningless and their thoughts get frustrated.

“Doubt, truth and wonder in ministry “

March 20, 2010

Hi friends

The above article mentions:

“Recently a study showed that many ministers don’t believe what they preach.They claim to know what they preach is wrong, but go on preaching it.”

One may think: Can a blind man show path to a blind man? If the pastors don’t know; how could they teach others to know?

It is so simple to understand.

God Almighty has indicated three types of knowledge:

1. Knowledge by certainty of reason,
2. Knowledge by certainty of sight,
3. Knowledge by certainty of experience.

This may be illustrated thus:

When a person perceives smoke from a distance his mind conceives that smoke and fire are inseparable, and therefore where there is smoke there must be fire also. This would be knowledge by the certainty of reason.

Then on a nearer approach he sees the flames of the fire and that is knowledge by the certainty of sight.

If one enters into the fire that would be knowledge by the certainty of experience.

Jesus had himself entered into the fire of knowledge of God that is he received Word of Revelation from the creator- God Allah YHWH Parmatma AhuraMazda.

Paul spoiled all the truthful teachings of Jesus based on Jesus’ experience mentioned above. Paul never spent any time learning from Jesus; so he had no knowledge of certainty. Paul was not even on the first stage of knowledge.

What Paul made up himself; it is enough that “Christians” have been following it blindly till now; but in the present era Paul and the Church have miserably failed.

The secular knowledge has uprooted the myth of Paul’s Theology invented by him at Rome. People don’t speak up and remain silent; but inwardly they have become Atheists and Agnostics.

Christian believers could only maintain their belief if they follow Jesus and Mary and don’t follow Paul and the mythical Church. Only Jesus and Mary could salvage their belief. The Atheists Agnostics are cognizant of the situation prevailing; and hence flexing their muscles to create wedge between the believers and Jesus- one of the perfect men that have been born on this planet Earth.

It is very appropriate time that the believers join in to reform Christianity and set it on to the path based on Teachings of Jesus and Mary and get rid of Paul and the Church to salvage Christians from the attack of Atheists Agnostics based only on doubt. They themselves name it “Skepticism” or path of doubt or devolution.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Quran is neither ambiguous nor contradictory

March 18, 2010

Hi my global friends

I quote here verses from Quran, which my friends at think are ambiguous.

I quote here the verses and invite my friends on that forum and others to discuss these verses here freely yet within the norms of decency, ethics and morals:

[21:29] He knows what is before them and what is behind them, and they intercede not except for him whom He approves, and they act cautiously for fear of Him.
[21:30] And whosoever of them should say, ‘I am a God beside Him,’ him shall We requite with Hell. Thus do We requite the wrongdoers.
[21:31] Do not the disbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were a closed-up mass, then We opened them out? And We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe? [21:32] And We have made in the earth firm mountains lest it should quake with them; and We have made therein wide pathways, that they may be rightly guided.
[21:33] And We have made the heaven a roof, well protected; yet they turn away from its Signs. [21:34] And He it is Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, each gliding along in its orbit.
[21:35] We granted not everlasting life to any human being before thee. If then thou shouldst die, shall they live here for ever?
[21:36] Every soul shall taste of death; and We prove you with evil and good by way of trial. And to Us shall you be returned.
[21:37] And when the disbelievers see thee, they only make a jest of thee. They say: ‘Is this the one who makes an evil mention of your gods?’ While it is they themselves who reject with disdain the mention of the Gracious God.
[21:38] Man is made of haste. I will certainly show you My Signs but ask Me not to hasten. [21:39] And they say, ‘When will this promise be fulfilled, if you are truthful?’

Open for discussion for everybody.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim