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The Word of God, if it is truthful, should consist and reflect systems, reasons, logics as God is All-Wise

May 21, 2009

Maaark says:


You do not hurt my feelings. That is not issue.

To have any discussion we must first find some common ground. With atheists the common ground is nature. That is common to all mankind. We also believe that the Creator, Allah is revealed in nature as an artist is revealed in his art. I suggest this as a starting point. If we each claim that our scriptures nullify each others scriptures it is end of discussion.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend maark

Your stance as incorporated in the above passage is reasonable. Reason and logic is the common tool with which get convinced with; it is the common tool with which we in fact intellectually digest one another’s differing opinions to sort out the reality and facts for us.

I as an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim do confirm that Allah is revealed in nature or the systematic laws of the Universe; and this forms the Work of God or Act of God. Likewise we at the same time think that the Word of God, if it is truthful, should consist and reflect systems, reasons, logics as God is All-Wise.

There should therefore be no contradiction in the Act of God and the Word of God.

We therefore prefer to present to Atheists/Agnostics, Christians and others:

1. Reason, rationality, logical arguments; which as you have, rightly admitted, form the common language of understanding between us. This forms witnessing of the Nature.
2. Then we give reasonable arguments from the Word of God, Quran, in the form of the secure and protected text.
3. Then we give the reasons and argument as mentioned in the Word of God, Quran, mentioned with the text, in the context.
4. Then we also provide the available text from the Revealed Books of other religions, Bible, Gita, Buddhist scriptures, Torah etc; on as is where is basis; meaning thereby that the portions of their books which is in conformity with Quran, only that is truthful and the rest has changed with the passage of time.

I think this is the most reasonable tools of investigation; which also includes your stance also.

What is you opinion on this? I think you agree with me.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Blind Faith – yet another form of not-believing

June 18, 2008


The scriptures of all Revealed Religions are; be they Noah-ides, Jews Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs etc whoever and wherever there are people claiming they are or they had in the past received God’s word, all included provide the sum total of the revealed stock of guidance provided by God to man- a common treasure for the whole humanity as against the atheism or not-believing who have received non.


Scriptures are Word of God, if they contain the words of God in the original language in which it were revealed, rather than meanings in the form of translations or different versions or interpretations of somebody or are written observations of a scribe/disciple /apostle or comments of simply a reader/writer .Science is the ACT of God depicted in the whole universe, not what the scientists say (scientists so often talk of theories, that are not yet science, strictly speaking, unless these are considered as Scientific Laws. The Scientific Laws are not creation of the scientists, they just discover with experiments what has already been created by God, they only verify with their experiments and close observations what already exists and created by God.

The source of Word of God and Act of God is the same i.e. one God-the Supreme Creator, the All–Knowing and All-Wise, therefore there cannot be logically any contradiction in both.

If there is prima facie a contradiction or difference, a gap in the two, then this has to be investigated truthfully and logically, the fault if any is of the humans involved. Either the Word of God has been wrongly interpreted/translated or interpolated by the humans or yet a Law of Science is in the process of making/not yet fully discovered. This would require reconciliation of the two with facts and one with the fault would be amended/updated accordingly .The religious people ,being human beings, are also prone to err, get carried away into superstitions , myths ,unreal mysticism due to their becoming over zealous or sometimes under pressure, the same is true of the scientific people ( not the scientists).

The faithful believes and has to believe the truth whichever and wherever and wherefrom the truth has emerged , with continuous search instead of the blind faith which is yet another form of not- believing that causes believing in myths and fiction rather than the facts. This is the system from God.

Evolution of human thought and progress of scientific knowledge in every branch of knowledge provides us ground to evolve our centuries old religious concepts, while every thing else is progressing , adapting to the new realities which surface due to new knowledge and technology, on the basis of undisputed facts brought by history , archaeology or sciences etc. The old concepts of clergy, theologians were mostly based on their limited knowledge of that time, which needs to be updated and not to be followed blindly as the new but real facts have emerged. Why to believe in the religious establishment when it is proved wrong.

The intention is not to provoke any controversy or to weaken faith of the Christians or it is not an attempt unnecessarily to convert them to some other faith. This is intended to make Christians a better Christians which fact is also evidenced by splitting of Christianity into some 30000+ sects.

After all there is some discrepancy somewhere. This is every individual’s own duty to do this exercise himself; others can only help, which is the true intention.
Since no conflicting debate is intended, as I abhor such debates. One enjoys and one’s knowledge gets improved by wisdom of the learned fellow human beings who think otherwise. With their wise and free comments other side of the concept is presented which provides one rich food of thought and rather than creating confusion one improves ones’ thoughts and beliefs which is only possible when we cross-examine our concepts with the opposing concepts. It is a positive exercise, there is no compulsion, and it develops free, logical and rational thinking, after all every body has finally to decide for himself. Everybody of any religion may therefore enrich us with his opinions and experiences and should feel free for that.

When one cannot reconcile science and religion one normally does not share or discuss such thoughts with others especially with the clergy, the so called religious people, imbued with extra zeal that normally happen to be very narrow minded and close hearted, not to speak of the opposing views, one even does not discuss within the same faith people. By and by such silent people sometimes become atheists. Most of the people (be Christians or for that matter of any other religion) seldom go to the Churches (or synagogues or mosques or temples), which shows that inwardly they have become dormant in their faith or nearing or turned atheists or not-believing. These peoples have to be “awakened” in the faith by providing them the amended facts, the God sent reality without man–woven myths, which is only possible by reconciling Word of God with Act of God or vice versa, in the light of and updating with the new undoubted facts which are common treasure of man, or searching the true word of God from the existing scriptures, also a common Treasure of man.


All believers of any religion have to make concerted efforts for revival of their faith to salvage growing silent atheists or dormant believers of the faith. The question is not of converting of a Christian to any other faith more important issue is of reclaiming the present Christian to the true Christian, Jew to a true Jew, Muslim to the true Islamic faith, Sikh to the true Sikhism etc, all bowing to the true will of God. To me, these are the natural allies-being believers in one God and must be loved.


Inter-faith dialogue or study of the Comparative Religions is logically done to bridge this gap- a man made gap between the Word of God (the scripture) and Act of God (pure laws of science). The decision again rests with the individual.


I love Jesus, Mary, Krishna, Moses and Muhammad.




I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim