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Ascertaining true Tuahid, while one already believes in ‎Tauhid

August 29, 2009;_ylc=X3oDMTBudDBqM3BnBF9TAzM5ODMzNzAyNgRhYwNkZWxNc2dz?mid=1_89862_4941_AIgMDUwAAKVUSpXObwJn81Xsdoc&fid=%2540B%2540Bulk&sort=date&order=down&startMid=0&filterBy=&.rand=1935122169

Zina khan says:‎

The problem is that people do not understand TAWHID as much ‎as they boast they do!

They do not know the various degrees of TAWHID which ‎constitutes the UNITY of Allah!

Paarsurrey says:‎

I agree with you that most people do not understand the ‎Tawid correctly. ‎

Jews were always Monotheists, yet they needed a Messenger ‎Prophet of God Allah YHWH to set them right on the right ‎path of Tawid. Without a Messenger Prophet, in whom the ‎true Tawhid is reflected, one can miss the the string of ‎Tauhid. God Allah YHWH sent Jesus (AS) to correct the ‎tauhid of the Jews.‎

Muhammad (SAW) also prophesised about his ummah treading on ‎the path of Jews, like one shoe of the foot is similar to ‎the shoe of the other foot.They have also lost the true ‎Tauhid as did the Jews. Muhammad’s (SAW) umman is to be set ‎on the true path at the end of time by Imam Mahdi or the ‎‎(sympbolic) Second Coming of Jesus (AS).‎

This has taken place in the form of the Promised Messiah ‎‎1835-1908.‎

The Jews, Christians, and Muslims have to accept him to set ‎their Tauhid right.‎


All human beings are just like a family; every one of them ‎is to be loved and not hated.‎

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim