Christians of all denominations – return to real Jesus


The fact that Jesus didn’t die on the cross, doesn’t lessen the importance of what Jesus taught one iota.

Some may think that Jesus removed from “Son of God / God”, would have no role to play and no attraction left for the believers? I would like to reflect on this aspect and would say this is not correct.

If Adam, Krishna, Abraham, Buddha, Zoroaster, Moses, David, Solomon, Socrates, Muhammad etc. , all humans , perfect men in their own merit, they attracted and won hearts of much of the world without claiming divinity, godhead, or association with God for themselves; and only through their character, morality, politeness, wisdom , they successfully did it. All these respected and most loved religious leaders of the world were brothers in belief in one God.

Why cannot then Jesus do so – whom the Christians consider “Perfect Man”. Has he lost the charisma?

Do they find any discrepancy in his being a prefect man that they need yet to add another feather to him and make him son of God or God?

Surely there is no such need. In fact they have over burdened Jesus and under the weight of this mythical additional burden his own human personality has been concealed from the eye of the people. Remove these burdens and myths woven around him so that his pristine personality glows and enlightens the whole world with his brilliant light. Let his true personality and message of peace reach the corners of the world so profoundly needed by the humanity? There is no mystery, nothing to hide.

Let the superstitions and myths die so that Jesus lives in the hearts of the people.
Mirza Tahir Ahmad has reflected on Jesus’ role, attraction and gravitational pull as under:-


For almost two thousand years, it is not the legends woven around the reality of Jesus Christ that has kept Christianity together and has helped it to survive the challenges of reason and ever growing enlightenment borne out of scientific progress, nor is its survival due to the mystic belief of Trinity. What has held the truth and essence of Christianity together is the beauty of the person and the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is the divine conduct and not the divine person of Jesus that has been so beautiful to adhere to. It was the suffering, patience and perseverance for the sake of noble ideals and his bold upright rejection of all despotic attempts to make him change his principles that is the real backbone of Christianity. It is still as beautiful and as loveable today as it was ever before. It has influenced so powerfully the Christian minds and hearts that they remain bonded to Jesus and would much rather shut their eyes to logical discrepancies than to break away from him.
His real greatness lies in the fact that he transcended and conquered the forces of darkness that had conspired to vanquish him despite being a frail human being and no more than a human being. That victory of Jesus is something to be shared with pride by the children of Adam. As we see it from the Muslim vantage point, he is one of the most noble progeny of Adam who taught humanity by his example of perseverance in the face of extreme suffering and pain. Not to surrender but to remain steadfast in the teeth of extreme trial was the noblest achievement of Jesus. It was his life of suffering and pain that redeemed humanity and made him conquer death. If he had accepted death voluntarily, it would have been tantamount to an attempt to escape his state of suffering. How can one conceive this to be an act of bravery. Even the act of those who commit suicide, under extreme pressure, is taken to be a mere act of cowardice. To share suffering in life is far better than to escape suffering through death. Hence the concept of the supreme sacrifice of Jesus by accepting death for the sake of humanity is hollow sentimality with no substance in it.
The greatness of Jesus, we again insist, lay in his supreme sacrifice during his lifetime. All his life, he defied the temptations to give in and exchange a life of suffering with that of ease and comfort. Day in, day out he confronted death but refused to give in and lived for the sake of the sinful to bring them to life. He conquered death not by surrendering himself to death, but by refusing to bow down to it. He defeated it roundly and emerged from its clutches where a lesser man would have perished. Thus he proved his truth and the truth of his word beyond a shadow of doubt. That is how we see Jesus and that is why we love him so. His voice was the voice of God and not the voice of his own ambitions. He said what he was commissioned to say, neither more nor less than what God had told him to say. He worshipped God throughout his life and worshipped Him alone and never did he require any mortal to bow before himself or before his mother or the Holy Ghost. This is the reality of Jesus to which we invite the Christians of all denomination and faiths to return.

I love Jesus,Mary and Muhammad

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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