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Bahaullah and Baghdad

April 11, 2019


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Post #28  paarsurrey wrote:

“Sura 10:25
And God summons to the Abode of Peace, and He guides whomsoever He will to a straight path;
المسالك::The city of Baghdad; its description by Ibn Jubair
“UnquoteYou mean:
The likeness of the present life is only as water which We send down from the clouds, then there mingles with it the produce of the earth, of which men and cattle eat till, when the earth receives its ornature and looks beautiful and its owners think that they have power over it, there comes to it Our command by night or by day and We render it a field that is mown down, as if nothing had existed there the day before. Thus do We expound the Signs for a people who reflect.
And Allah calls to the abode of peace, and guides whom He pleases to the straight path.
The Holy Quran – Chapter: 10: Yunus

2>Baghdad (/ˈbæɡdæd, bəɡˈdæd/Arabic: بغداد‎ [baɣˈdaːd] ( listen)) is the capital of Iraq. The population of Baghdad, as of 2016, is approximately 8,765,000,[citation needed][note 1]making it the largest city in Iraq, the second largest city in the Arab world (after CairoEgypt), and the second largest city in Western Asia (after TehranIran).

Located along the Tigris River, the city was founded in the 8th century and became the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate. Within a short time of its inception, Baghdad evolved into a significant cultural, commercial, and intellectual center for the Islamic world. This, in addition to housing several key academic institutions (e.g., House of Wisdom), as well as hosting multiethnic and multireligious environment, garnered the city a worldwide reputation as the “Centre of Learning”.

When the Abbasid caliph, al-Mansur, founded a completely new city for his capital, he chose the name Madinat al-Salaam or City of Peace. This was the official name on coins, weights, and other official usage, although the common people continued to use the old name.[19][20][unreliable source?] By the 11th century, “Baghdad” became almost the exclusive name for the world-renowned metropolis.
Baghdad – Wikipedia

The city (Baghdad) did not exist in the time of Muhammad. Its name, as I understand, was Baghdad in the time of Bahaullah also.

Isn’t one reading too much what is not meant in the text with certainty, please?


“Did Paul champion the Cause of Christ or corrupt it?”

October 26, 2018

Post #203


Paarsurrey Wrote:
I totally agree with one on the following points:

  1. We only have his (Paul’s) word for it that he ever saw an angel of light, meaning Paul’s “word” is nothing but a fake one. Right, please?
  2. But nobody calls him (Paul) apostle but himself, meaning Paul is a self-designated Apostle, Jesus did no appoint him as such. Right, please?
  3. He (Paul) fits every definition of a man coming in his own name, and fulfills that prophecy, too. I believe Paul doctored the anonymous narrations/gospels so as some prophecies fit on him as fulfilled. I believe that Paul was the wolf, which Jesus prophesied, according to Matthew 7:15 ,15 Beware of false prophets. They come to youin sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Right, please?
  4. Paul is the reason for the division in Christianity.
  5. In Matthew 28, Jesus told His 11 to teach the nations what Jesus had taught. And Jesus had taught that his mission was only for the the reformation of Judaism people so that they believe and act on the Law of Moses and not on the additions/reduction made by the Jewish clergy after Moses.
  6. Paul comes along, creates an entirely new guy wearing the name of Jesus, and teaches against what Jesus had taught. It is for this that the “Great Commission”* is much disputed by modern scholars:

    *Matthew 28:19 A Text-Critical Investigation, 2006.

This commission towards the Gentiles seems to be clearly manufactured by Paul and has nothing to do with Jesus.

Did I understand the contents of one’s post correctly, please?


“Sacred status of ancient documents”

October 26, 2018

Post #27 

Paarsurrey wrote:

Paul was not an eyewitness of the Jesus’ accounts, and Luke* was also not an eyewitness.
*”Some scholars[103][104] uphold the traditional claim that Luke the Evangelist, an associate of St. Paul who was probably not an eyewitness to Jesus’ ministry, wrote the Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles. Others point out that Acts contradicts Paul’s own letters and denies him the important title of apostle, suggesting that the author was not a companion of Paul’s.[105]
As is the case with all the Gospels, it is unknown exactly when the Gospel of Luke was written. Scholars have proposed a range of dates from as early as 60 AD to well into the second century, but the majority of recent critical scholars favour late 1st-century dates after 70 AD”.[106][107][108][109]
Historical reliability of the Gospels – Wikipedia

“Is witchcraft a faith that deserves respect?”

October 26, 2018


Is witchcraft a faith that deserves respect?

What I get from the discussion is that
the superstitious , mythical and violent part of all religions , or non-religions worldviews should be discouraged and not-supported.


“Jesus Resurrection”

October 26, 2018
Post #1210
paarsurrey wrote:

I believe that the resurrection of Jesus or resurrection of Christ is
the Christian religious belief that, after being put to on the Cross, Jesus rose again from the dead as the Nicene Creed expresses it, “On the third day he rose again” is wrong. There are very strong clues against it even in the Gospels. Jesus could not and did not die on the Cross for obvious reasons.He was put on the Cross though, but delivered from it in near-dead position yet he survived against all odds.
“Jesus’ rising from the dead” is a myth created by Paul and the Church.

Resurrection of Jesus – Wikipedia

“See my hands and my feet”

October 24, 2018

“See my hands and my feet” Unquote.

Paarsurrey wrote: 
Jesus here wants to assure his disciples with this gesture that he was the same human being as he was before he was put on the Cross. Those who were in doubt that he had died, in between, they could verify by seeing somewhat fresh injuries/wounds on his hands and feet due to Crucifixion. G-d saved his life against all odds and heard his prayers in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus neither died on the Cross, nor in the tomb where he was put for treatment by his friends. They could see him and verify that. It was just like Jonah was before going in the belly of fish, in the belly of the fish, and out of the belly of the fish. Neither Jonah died for even a single moment when the event of going on, nor Jesus. As Jonah met his his people after the event so did Jesus.
Right, please?


“Great Commission” of Christianity

October 24, 2018


“Books of the New Testament identified as forgeries”

August 5, 2018

False attributions

In addition to the eleven books of the New Testament Ehrman identifies as forgeries, there are eight originally anonymous New Testament texts that had names of apostles ascribed to them later and are falsely attributed. These are not forgeries since the texts are anonymous but have had false authors ascribed to them by others.

Books of the New Testament identified as forgeries by Ehrman


“Why I do not think the marriage of A’isha and Muhammad was not wrong”

June 3, 2018

Post #16  paarsurrey 

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Thanks for one’s comments.
Marriage is to take place between adults or when they attain marriageable age* that could be different in different regions/times of the world as per the law of the land, and if there is no specific law in this respect then as per the prevailing customs and traditions in vogue in the society .


*Several places, including the state of Massachusetts in the United States, allow girls as young as 12 to get married in “exceptional circumstances” with the consent of a judge.
Chart shows the lowest age you can legally get married around the world
You can still get married at 12 in some parts of the US
a-Classic Encyclopedia states that: Puberty in hot climate areas is much earlier & faster than that in cold ones. So girls puberty age could reach 8 or 9 years in hot climate areas.

As stated by “Classic Encyclopedia”: [Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911 edition]

“In northern countries males enter upon sexual maturity between the age of fourteen and sixteen, sometimes not much before the eighteenth year, females between twelve and fourteen. In tropical climates puberty is much earlier.”

Is there an afterlife?

May 21, 2018

Post#234 paarsurrey  wrote:

I do believe in afterlife. This is not the real-life we live , it is just like a dream while we see a dream we think it is real but when we wake up then we realize that it was not a real event.


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