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Meccans who would not permit freedom of religion to the Muslims

May 6, 2019

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“The Muslims were first attacked, persecuted, their businesses plundered and livelihood destroyed and some killed during 13 years of persecution in Mecca after which they fled to Abyssinia as refugees and given refuge by the Christian King Negus. The Meccans pursued them to Abyssinia intending to exterminate and commit genocide against the Muslim community. An assassination attempt was also made against Prophet Muhammad but failed.”
“Meccans who would not permit freedom of religion to the Muslims”

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Wonderful summation of the cause and context of the conflict.



Islam is a message of hope

September 2, 2015

<>Thread:”My views about Islam and why it is so difficult to attain constructive dialogue about them”

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All good points mentioned in the post and coloured by me in magenta. Thanks and regards