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Did Bahaullah renounce Islam and convert to no-religion?

April 24, 2019

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I understand that Bab was Shayki /Esoteric/Mysticism Twelver Shia Muslim and Bahaullah became his follower.
In that case the question remains to be answered, when did Bahaullah renounce Muslim and convert to no-religion, please?


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Bab did not renounce Islam, there  is a friend in the Forum who is a Babi, but he is a strong Muslim. I understand Bab used to pray/formal-Salat as other Shia-Muslim use to do, Bab did not renounce Islam, believed both parts of the Kalima (1.Oneness of God and 2.prophet-hood of Muhammad ).
It means that Bahaullah remained a no-religion man

  1. between the period , he left religion-Islam in the pre-Iqan period and the Iqan-period.
  2. Till his followers announced Bahaullah to be follower of Bahaism in the post-Iqan period, please.


#57 paarsurrey

It is important to know:

  1. When one joins Islam one openly with his words recites Kalima (1. Acknowledges Oneness of God and 2.prophet-hood of Muhammad) and starts offering prayers etc. and doing the religious actions like Salat as told in Quran and done by Muhammad.
  2. In other words when did Bab and or Bahuallah cease to pray Salat like they used to do as Shia-Twelver-Muslims do or the Sunni-Muslims do.

It is the same question in other words, please.



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