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“Dear Church: here’s why people are really leaving you”

May 13, 2015

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Christianity needs to be reformed. It is not based on the teachings of Jesus. Jesus did not believe in the creeds of the modern Christianity.
Second Coming has taken place in the form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 to reform it.


No wisdom in leaving a revealed religion to join Atheism, just for convenience

February 26, 2014

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Paarsurrey says: (still awaiting moderation from the blog owner)

@Calladus : 25/2/14 9:21 PM: 26/2/14 8:07 AM

I was not even implying to that. I know that you are an atheist, not a Christian. My point was that though you studied Christianity intensively and other religions not up-to that level; yet your study of or research of revealed religions was impaired only because you did not have a right tool or principle of comparative study of religions ; and then you all of a sudden decided to become an Atheist, just for convenience.

I had suggested you to read a book “THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908- the Promised Messiah; I again give its link below:

This was an essay written by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 read at a conference of great religions held at Lahore in the then British India, in the year 1896.

The very first sentence of the essay reads “It is necessary that a claim and the reasons in support of it must be set forth from a revealed book.”

I use to describe it as a “Golden rule for comparative study of revealed religions”; and this principle is explained in the next two pages by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:


“In this auspicious Conference the purpose of which is that those who have been invited to participate in it should expound the merits of their respective religions with reference to the questions that have been formulated. I shall today set forth the merits of Islam. Before I proceed to do so I deem it proper to announce that I have made it obligatory upon myself that whatever I state will be based upon the Holy Quran which is the Word of God Almighty.

I consider it essential that everyone who follows a book, believing it to be revealed, should base his exposition upon that book and should not so extend the scope of his advocacy of his faith as if he is compiling a new book.

As it is my purpose today to establish the merits of the Holy Quran and to demonstrate its excellence, it is incumbent upon me not to state anything which is not comprehended in the Quran and to set forth everything on the basis of its verses and in accord with their meaning and that which might be inferred from them, so that those attending the Conference should encounter no difficulty in carrying out a comparison between the teachings of different religions.

As all those who believe in a revealed book will also confine themselves to statements comprised in their respective revealed books, I shall not make any reference to the traditions of the Holy Prophet, inasmuch as all true traditions are only derived from the Holy Quran which is a perfect book comprehending all other books.

In short this is the day of the manifestation of the glory of the Holy Quran and I humbly beseech God Almighty to assist me in this undertaking. Amin. “ Unquote

Had one known this principle before; I think one’s decision would have been different.

One is welcome to try it now; if one pleases.

Did Jews Borrow Greek Myths: 3 examples

January 7, 2014

paarsurrey wrote:

01/07/2014 at 11:31 am

I think Jesus did not need to borrow any myth from the Greeks. He neither believed any myth nor did he teach any?

It was Paul who preached myths; and might have borrowed as well.

Note from paarsurrey:

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Myth_Sembelance_Theories_GreeceHow are Shared Myths Possible?

Did the Jews borrow from Greek Mythology — I’d bet they did, but literalist Christians vehemently disagree.

When one culture has very similar stories compared to another there are three things that could have happened – see my illustration to the right showing models of where Jews may have gotten their stories.

Either (b) they borrowed the story from the other culture, or (a) both cultures developed them completely independently.  The third option is (c) the Judeo-Christian option that Yahweh shared the stories between cultures to help others eventually understand Israel’s truths.

Three Possible Shared Myths

Neil Godfrey just publish a short post on three similar myths shared between Bible myths and Greek myths (taken from West’s book, see below). To aid in reading Neil’s fine post, I have explored some of the time elements below.  You can see that the answer is not easy.

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“Exactly Who or What do We Really Worship?”

January 4, 2014

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paarsurrey wrote:
quoting from the hub/post:

“But as far as the texts of some religions are concerned, especially Judaism and Islam, the making of any image of anything is frowned upon to say the least.”

Moses forbade making any idols to worship:
Deuteronomy 5:8
8“You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

Quran also mentions it at many places not to worship idols:
[29:17] And remember Abraham when he said to his people, ‘Worship Allah and fear Him. That is better for you if you understand.
[29:18] ‘You only worship idols beside Allah, and you forge a lie. Those whom you worship beside Allah have no power to provide sustenance for you. Then seek sustenance from Allah, and worship Him, and be grateful to Him. Unto Him will you be brought back.

The concept of worship is to inculcate the attributes of the One-True-God by those who worship Him; the attributes have no physical form and making them physical does not help in any way.

yzygyastro wrote:

Today we have plenty of idols including others like powerful figures, rock stars, movie stars and the like. The overall time consuming activity of most people in the developed and developing world is money and there is a warning in the NT in regard to the worship of two masters. See Matthew 6: 24,25 and also Luke 16:13

Paarsurrey says:

Actually with Christianity it started as soon as they deviated from the real path of Jesus and the Christians started following the seed of the Anti-Christ I mean Paul and the Church- his associate; they carved Trinity out of the thin air ; and then idols and statues followed, very much against the elaborate teachings of Moses and Jesus.

Did Jesus make any statue or idol himself or ever instructed other to make one?

“Is the Resurrection the Best Explanation for the Rise of Christianity?”

January 4, 2014

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Paarsurrey wrote as follows:
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Jesus did not die on the Cross; so there is no question of Jesus’ resurrection.

Who were these eyewitnesses?

July 25, 2013

Paarsurrey says:
There were no eye-witnesses of the event of the Crucifixion from the sinful scribes of the four gospel writers.;none for the resurrection of Jesus. I agree with you here.

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    1. “But then Mark originally didn’t feature the resurrection either. ”

      Resurrection was later added to the creeds of Christianity by Church; instead of finding where Jesus and Mary had secretly moved from Judea; they preferred to invent resurrection of Jesus. Jesus and Mary journeyed to India; later some of the other disciples also joined them.

            • Hypotheses on how to explain the textual variations include:
              Mark intentionally ended his Gospel at 16:8, and someone else (later in the transmission-process) composed the “Longer Ending” as a conclusion to what was interpreted to be a too-abrupt account.
              • Mark did not intend to end at 16:8, but was somehow prevented from finishing (perhaps by his own death or sudden departure from Rome), whereupon another person finished the work (still in the production-stage, before it was released for church-use) by attaching material from a short Marcan composition about Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances.
              • Mark wrote an ending which was accidentally lost (perhaps as the last part of a scroll which was not rewound, or as the outermost page of a codex which became detached from the other pages), and someone in the 100′s composed the “Longer Ending” as a sort of patch, relying on parallel-passages from the other canonical Gospels.
              • Verses 16:9–20 were written by Mark and were omitted or lost from Sinaiticus and Vaticanus for one reason or another, perhaps accidentally, perhaps intentionally. (Possibly a scribe regarded John 21 as a better sequel to Mark’s account, and considered the “Longer Ending” superfluous.)
              • Mark wrote an ending, but it was suppressed and replaced with verses 16:9–20, which are a pastiche of parallel passages from the other canonical Gospels.
              James H. Charlesworth, repeating Metzger’s descriptions of some of the external evidence, has pointed out that the Syriac Sinaiticus manuscript (from the 400′s), Codex Vaticanus (c. 325), and Codex Bobbiensis (c. 430) are all early witnesses that exclude the Marcan appendix. In addition to these, over 100 Armenian manuscripts, as well as the two oldest Georgian manuscripts, also omit the appendix. The Armenian Version was made in 411-450, and the Old Georgian Version was based mainly on the Armenian Version. One Armenian manuscript, Matenadaran 2374 (formerly known as Etchmiadsin 229), made in 989, features a note, written between 16:8 and 16:9, Ariston eritzou, that is, “By Ariston the Elder/Priest.” Ariston, or Aristion, is known from early traditions (preserved by Papias and others) as a colleague of Peter and as a bishop of Smyrna in the 1st century CE.


  • “I am sure that only those people with biscuits for brains still consider this eyewitness claim to be true and even less so that the names tagged on to them were real people.”

    Now this is clearly a ridicule; not appropriate for a humanist; men/women equipped with reason should not do it, in my opinion.

  1. “The fallacious claim that the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses is one of those things that has a habit of popping up every now and then and begins knocking. “Hello, might like to think about this…””

    It is absolutely correct that the Gospels were not written by eyewitness; “Matthew”- an anonymous writer of Gospel of Bible, mentions very clearly that all disciples had run away from the scene of the Crucifixion in fear; they abandoned him crying/praying in agony on the Cross to Yahweh whom he used to address as God-the-Father who heard his supplications/prayers and Jesus was delivered from the Cross in near-dead position, nevertheless alive as he had prophesied to show the Sign of Jonah.

  2. [Arkenaten

    July 24th, 2013 at 3:41 pm
    “Be my guest. You may know stuff that I have missed and I am never one to shy away from learning something new, believe me.”]

    Thanks for inviting me as a guest. I will thankfully write here in your blog.


Better The Devil

July 20, 2013

Paarsurrey says:
@ Argus
I found out this from the Google; is this the post you want me to read? If yes; did I miss some point.



and love, rather than some fly-by-night trying to gobble  your soul—or failing that, trying to lighten your wallet. Exorcism as a career option has to be better than prostitution: ya got it, ya sells it, ya still got it … in both cases. But exorcism is less messy. Either way someone gets screwed.


it arrived fresh tonight from Der Spiegel—


on a mission to Europe, top-gun devil remover—just another day at the office—

With some 500 priests on hand to hear confessions, the day included a holy mass, three speeches by Bashobora and prayers for healing. Bashobora, who has reportedly visited Poland several times in recent years, works for the Mbarara Diocese in Uganda, and also reportedly appealed to his followers at the ceremony for financial support to combat malnutrition and support educational programs in Africa”

—read more:

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Death of Dr. Dowie | Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

July 14, 2013

Dr. John Alexander Dowie was an American who proclaimed that God has in the ‘Spirit and Power of Elijah’ sent him. He set forth to spread Christianity. He also stated that he intended to wipe out Islam. He made insulting remarks about the Prophet of Islam (SAS) and hurled invective at Hadhrat Ahmad (AS). When Hazart Ahmad (AS) came to know of this, he challenged him to a prayer duel.

“The best way to determine whether Dowie’s God is true or ours, is that Mr. Dowie should stop making prophecies about the destruction of all Muslims. Instead he should keep me alone in his mind and pray that if one of us is fabricating a lie, he should die before the other.” Review of Religions, Sept. 1902, Vol I, No 9

Hudhoor (AS) further observed:

“If Dowie runs away from this challenge, be sure that a great catastrophe is about to befall on Zion”. (Haqiqat al-Wahee, page 71)

When Dr. Dowie was told of this challenge, he boasted:

“Can you imagine me answering to these gnats, and flies. If I were to put my foot on them, I could crush them to Death.” (Leaves of Healing, December 27th, 1903)

Eventually he was punished for his arrogance and was chastised according to the prophecy of the Promised Messiah, peace be on him. His wife and son turned against him and did not attend his funeral. He could not speak because of a stroke of paralysis on December 19th, 1905 while giving a speech.

His followers deserted him after finding out that he had embezzled $2,529,766. That he led a lustful life and was an alcoholic. His newly built city Zion (70km north of Chicago) was torn by internal dissension. In the first week of March 1907 he died in utter grief, misery and helplessness.

The world press took special interest in this Mubahila (prayer duel); over 30 newspapers in the US published the news story. The Boston Herald in its issue of June 23, 1907 observed:

“Dowie died with his friends away from him and his fortune dwindled. He suffered from paralysis and insanity. He died a miserable death, with Zion city torn and frayed by internal dissension. Mirza comes forward frankly and states that he has won his challenge”.

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Reason for it all – Freedom from Atheism?

June 28, 2013

Paarsurrey says:

I mostly agree with your analysis; since atheists never claim to be a religion and don’t believe in preaching so their logical attitude about religion should have been of indifference; but that is not the case with them. Having nothing positive evidence with them to prove that the one true God does not exist; the only thing they can do is to become anti-theists; and that is what they are doing, in my opinion.

It is evident that the basis of Modern Christianity is very fragile being mythical as its main pillars are fixed by Paul<please read my post  >  and not by Jesus; so the Atheists find it very convenient to attack it so often.

Nothing But Logic

This is probably not the best first post one could write. Regardless, I am going to post it. I created this blog just because I felt like expressing what I believed someplace where other people could see (and disagree).

The motivating topic for this was atheism, or more specifically, anti-theism. What I find so astonishing is not the increasing number of atheists, but anti-theists and its increasing social acceptability.  From my experience, these people are, almost to a person, bitter, amongst many other rather unpleasant words, and all-around readily dislikable people for atheists and non-atheists alike. But, then again, what came first, the chicken or the egg. In my opinion, these are little people; they do not seek to advance atheism. Rather, they exclusively seek to denigrate religion. This all begs the question, “Why?”

It is only logical to presume that in the extremely vast majority of cases, anti-theists…

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Paul’s vision is a made-up trick

April 16, 2013

Bible has its contradictions. If the twelve were chosen by Jesus; in fact I don’t differ with that; and they were well versed in his teachings and they were morally trained by Jesus par excellence; then Jesus should have appointed one of them as his successor after him in Judea. It is one reason among many that one doubts the vision that Paul described having seen of Jesus.

Paul’s vision is a made-up trick; one would come to the conclusion.