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November 11, 2017

Islam revives and reforms all religions and Muhammad is the corrective prophet/messenger and Quran the corrective Recitation that confirms the Truth revealed to founders of all great religions and that they all, the founders, were truthful persons but their founders could not keep the message intact in its pristine, pure and secure form.

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M—a wrote:
I don’t see point in combining two religions and making religious arguments from them. Particular religions have been given to people whose temperament is most suited to it. Judaics is rituals, Christianity is mystical and Islam is obeyance.
If one suits yu better than another, take it.

bl——-d wrote:

This is a rather simplistic way of viewing them. They are each full blown philosophical schools that have various tenets. Some are similar and some are different. Judaism does have rituals, but so does Christianity and Islam. Christianity does have mystical elements, but so does Judaism and Islam. Islam does stress obedience, among other things, but so does Judaism and Christianity. The base of Judaism is HaTorah. The base of Christianity is the Apostolic Writings and the base of Islam is the Koran. As the Muslims put it they are all “people of the book”. That is that they are constitutional philosophies. However, the three philosophies are not exclusive of the other in their views, nor are they equal to one another in those views. That is why, I think, if one is not going to look at each individually, one needs to focus on the tenets and not the philosophies as a whole.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Islam is not named after any human personage. It envisages the eternal Truth that was revealed, we believe, by One-True-God/YHVH/Allah/Ahura-Mazda/Is’ana*/Ishwara** . Whatever the name of One-True-God was revealed to a people in their own language and they submitted/obeyed to Him and worshiped Him to attain peace of heart and soul and with humans around, in this sense they were followers of Islam and Muslims. Islam revives and reforms all religions and Muhammad is the corrective prophet/messenger and Quran the corrective Recitation that confirms the Truth revealed to founders of all great religions and that they all, the founders, were truthful persons but their founders could not keep the message intact in its pristine, pure and secure form. Right, please?


*The name of One-True-God that is reported Buddha believed in.
**One name of One-True-God that Dharmic-Religions believe in.

Buddha’s teachings were truthful but the Buddhists/Buddhism could not preserve them

June 22, 2013

I wrote following posts on <> under the topic <Buddha believed in the Creator God>; the posts are given below for the viewers of this blog.

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Paarsurrey wrote:

#20  The Creator God is the only ONE reality in existence and attributes; all others have been bestowed existence and life by Him. He only is Immortal; all except Him will die; He makes them die and nobody else could escape death.

#22 I am a Muslim by religion; but I have no claim of any piety or scholarship as I am just an ordinary man in the street. I am on the right/middle path yet finding the path ahead which is endless till I reach the destination of ONE-the INFINITE by His grace and kindness.


#23 I think Buddha does not bind one to the Buddhist scriptures in Kalama Sutta.

Does he?

#29 Yes, I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim.

Thanks for your good wishes.


#30  I never said that.

Buddha’s teachings were truthful but the Buddhists/Buddhism could not preserve them.

#31 I am just doing that, please.

#32  Buddha did not come after Muhammad so taking it in literal terms the question is not valid.

In spiritual terms; yes he could be termed as a spiritual father of Muhammad like Abraham and Adam were.

It is better to state that all the founders of revealed religions were from one source; hence they were truthful persons, perfect human beings, unique as they had conversed with ONE- the Creator God and became an image of uniqueness in their own merits.

They could also be called brothers in faith, joining and shaking hands with one another smilingly and happily saving the humanity and serving it selflessly.

#34 Monks are also human beings; they could make mistakes and they do make mistakes of omission and commission. They cannot be allowed to have any hegemony on Buddha or his teachings.
They should be respected, like any other human beings, but not followed blindly whatever the write or interpret; only Buddha is to be followed while treading on the right/middle path.

Buddha and Jesus spoke against the clergy/priesthood very strongly.

I think you know what Jesus spoke in the temple

#36 Sure.

Then we follow our conscience, reason and brilliant arguments; we don’t have to look to the monks.

#38 I think I did not claim that I have patent on Buddha. Did I?

#43 I don’t necessarily need to quote any Sutta for following reasons:

1. Suttas were not written by Buddha. So why insist on quoting them?

2. They are said to consist on 40/43 volumes; not possible to go through them all for an ordinary man.

3. Buddha himself spoke that scriptures and the monks should not be relied upon with blind faith; I quote from Kalama Sutta in this connection:

“Do not go upon what has been acquired by repeated hearing,
nor upon tradition,
nor upon rumor,
nor upon what is in a scripture,
nor upon surmise,
nor upon an axiom,
nor upon specious reasoning,
nor upon a bias towards a notion that has been pondered over,
nor upon another’s seeming ability,
nor upon the consideration, “The monk is our teacher.””

4. I understand that some scholars say that little or nothing goes back to the Buddha. Some have has little confidence that much, if any, of surviving Buddhist scripture is actually the word of the historical Buddha.

5. I don’t say they are false and should be rejected; they might contain diluted teachings of Buddha; and affected by the influence of Nāstika schools of philosophies during the times between Buddha and when the scriptures were compiled/written down.

A parallel in this regard could be had from what happened to the teachings of Jesus after when he migrated from Judea after the event of crucifixion in which he survived and came to India.

Buddha had no characteristics of atheism in him

June 16, 2013



Buddha got enlightenment, self awakening or transcendental knowledge which is nothing else than the Word of Revelation or Message from the one true God; and thereafter Buddha preached the message and when he was nearing death; he told his followers to continue preaching the message with forbearance and patience.

I think only that person can preach who is not in doubt; with certainty one could preach.
I don’t think preaching is a characteristic of atheism.

For Buddha’s fervor with preaching please view Gospel of Buddha Chapter 47 titled “The Preacher’s Mission” Verses 1-11 Pages 127-128 by accessing the following link:

Buddha believed in one true God: Union with Brahma

May 7, 2013


images (1)

Gospel of Buddha

When the Buddha had thus spoken, one of the Brahmans said:
“We are told, Gotama, that the Sakyamuni knows the path to a union with Brahma.” 27
And the Blessed One said: “What do you think, O Brahmans, of a man born and brought up in Manasakata? Would he be in doubt about the most direct way from this spot to Manasakata?” 28
“Certainly not, Gotama.” 29
“Thus,” replied the Buddha, “the Tathagata knows the straightpath that leads to a union with Brahma. He knows it as one who has entered the world of Brahma and has been born in it. There can be no doubt in the Tathagata.” 30
And the two young Brahmans said: “If thou knowest the way show it to us.” 31
And the Buddha said: 32
“The Tathagata sees the universe face to face and understands its nature. He proclaims the truth…

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