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Cross is a symbol of terror/cruelty adopted by the Church

May 29, 2019

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Sorry, from my perspective, the deities are not real so belief in them is neither useful nor is of any use to anybody, be that person an Atheist or a Non-Atheist, please. Right, please?


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Is the cross a Christian ashtamangala?
Ashtamangala – Wikipedia


Cross is a symbol of terror/cruelty adopted by the Church.
Cross should have not been used on the roof tops of the churches or worn in the neck by the peaceful Christians, of course one does not display the device (knife/dagger/sword) with which one’s loved one has been killed. It is most illogical and irrational to use this symbol for a religion. Is it necessary to continue the mistakes of the ancient people?

The scene of Christian God Father cutting throat of Jesus or putting Jesus of Bible on the Cross for imaginary salvation or atonement of the sins of the Catholics Protestants is most cruel form of terror.
I think it is for this that truthful Messenger Prophet Muhammad when he mentioned of Second Coming of Jesus, he also mentioned of rectification of this mistake of the Church continuing it without guidance from Jesus.

Muhammad mentioned that when Jesus Second Coming will take place, Jesus will break the Cross. Of course this would be done by Jesus with rational and logical reasons. Jesus in his Second Coming would expose the tricks of the cunning Paul who invented the Theological Philosophy of Jesus’ death on Cross. Later Church fixed the Cross as the symbol of the Modern Christianity so Jesus in Second Coming will point out mistake of the Church and its false creeds, never sponsored by Jesus at all.

This is my understanding of the symbol of “Cross”.
No intention to insult any people.


“Cross is a symbol of terror/cruelty” 


I quote from a friend here:

I grew up in a Lutheran Church, where great emphasis was put on the crucifixion and resurrection. I was never quite sure of what they were trying to get at, so I just forgot about it. One day, years later, I read the bible all on my own, and I got a very different message than that which I was taught.

Everywhere around the world you see crosses on churches. Its a great symbol and easy to recognize. but the cross is more than just a neat symbol, it is the actual device used by the Roman Government to terrorize and control the masses by means of painful and humiliating execution.

The crucified were nailed to a cross in full view of the public and then left to die an agonizing death. Imagine the effect that this would have on friends and family. It would have been horrific and powerful tool. Thousands were crucified at the hands of the Romans. Just another day at the office for them. I don’t know which is worse, Crucifixion or Impalement.

If the method of the day had been a guillotine, would there be guillotines up on those roofs? How about if they executed people by hanging, would there be a hangman’s noose on front of the bible instead of a cross? How about a firing squad, would people then use the phrase, “the guns of Jesus?” What if he were drawn and quartered, or died on the electric chair … and so on.

The cross being an instrument of Government Power, adds a political flavor to the story of Jesus. Would his death carry the same weight if Jesus had fallen off of a cliff out in the wilderness? How about if he was bitten by a poison snake and died? If it were so important for him just die, so that he could come back to life again, then any death would have done. Drowning, eaten by a wild animal, or even Cancer. Any death would have done, but, he needed more than just to die. It had to be at the hands of the government, and it had to be during the busiest time of the year when the ‘Most’ numbers of people would hear, and hopefully talk about it, the Passover Festival.”
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Breaking of the Cross with a heavenly tool: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

May 28, 2014

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908- the Promised Messiah said in 1889:

“Once you have proved that Jesus (as) has joined the dead and have impressed this fact upon the hearts of the Christians, then do believe that that will be the day of the departure of the Christian faith from the world. Bear firmly in mind that so long as their god does not die, their religion will also not die, and it is futile to indulge in any other argument with them.

Their doctrine stands on just one pillar, which is the belief that Jesus son of Mary (as) is alive in heaven.

Demolish this pillar and you will not find the Christian faith anywhere in the world. As God Almighty desires to crush this pillar and to establish His Unity in Europe and Asia, He has sent me and disclosed to me through His own revelation that Jesus son of Mary has died. His revelation is:

“Jesus son of Mary, Messenger of Allah, has died and you have come in this place and in his spirit according to God’s promise, which was bound to be fulfilled. You are with Me and you have your stand upon truth and you are the helper and supporter of truth.”

In this book, I have established the death of Jesus(as) and his having joined the dead with very strong arguments. I have established it as a clear fact that Jesus (as) was never resurrected, nor taken up to heaven in his physical body, but died just as all other Prophets have died. He has left this world forever.

He who worships Jesus should realize that he has died and has joined the company of the dead for all times to come. You should take advantage of this book for the support of the truth and should stand firm against the Christian clergy.

This question should always be the subject of your attention and you should have full trust that Jesus son of Mary has certainly joined the company of the dead.”

(Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 3, Pages. 402-403: Translated from the original in Urdu language)