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Americans in search of Truth

March 27, 2013

Americans in search of the Truth or in search of the one true creator God

I think Americans will reject Atheists or Atheism.

Atheists have failed to prove with any tangible evidences that “one true creator God does not exist”. It is their lame excuse that negatives cannot be proved; that is only admittance that their stance is incorrect; and they don’t have any solid stand to stand on; theirs is an extremist position.

Agnostics admit the wrong position of the Atheists and take the position that they don’t know if God exists or not; they tend to be neutral. If they hold this position truthfully then they would have never cared if somebody believed in God or not; morally they should have kept silent.

Skeptics are in doubt; they take a negative position. Doubt generates only doubts until one is overcome by cynicism; far from the truth. Truth is a positive position and it does exist.

The only rational position is to become theists- believers in one true creator God.

Secularism is an Islamic doctrine – By Naseem Mahdi, Special to CNN

July 24, 2010

Hi friends

A very useful article:


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Quran- and the eradication of slavery‎

July 24, 2009‎the-bigger-culprit/‎

Hi friend M A Khan

I think the Christian President of America is justified in making the statement as narrated ‎by you in the following words:‎

‎“President Obama, visiting a slave-fort in Ghana, condemned slavery, pointing to a ‎chruch that stood next to the slave-dungeons, to obviate the popular paradigm as to how ‎European Christians, with sanctions from the church, engaged in black slavery, probably ‎the only slavery that existed in history and is worth condemning.”‎

I also join the American President to condemn every part of slavery that exists anywhere ‎in the world or that existed any time in the history of the world.‎

Rather, I would suggest, the world should follow in foot steps of the humanity loving ‎Muhammad to eradicte slavery from the world; it is very much mentioned in the most ‎natural collection of Revelation from God Allah YHWH called Quran:‎

‎[90:9] Have We not given him two eyes,‎
‎[90:10] And a tongue and two lips?‎
‎[90:11] And We have pointed out to him the two highways of good and evil.‎
‎[90:12] But he attempted not the ascent courageously.‎
‎[90:13] And what should make thee know what the ascent is?‎
‎[90:14] It is the freeing of a slave.‎

I think there is no harm if the world learns from Quran/Islam/Muhammad as to how one ‎should love the humanity and human beings.‎


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

‎“Jimmy Carter parts ways with Southern Baptists”

July 21, 2009

Is Islam next for Jimmy?

Paarsurrey says:‎

Hi friend NorhtYork Proud

Islam is number two religion of the world in population and number one in truth, in ‎my opinion; as the Promised Messiah or Second Coming has come in it; there is no ‎harm if Jimmy Carter joins a peaceful denomination of Islam. He is welcome. ‎


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Ahmadi Muslims – want to change the world peacefully, which also appeals to democrats-‎to-the-core-persons in the West‎(and America)

July 11, 2009‎largest-religion/comment-page-1/#comment-16991‎

‎• 24. Demsci Says:
July 11th, 2009 at 9:38 am

Hello Paarsurrey, I was raised as a Protestant Christian, tried to live accordingly until ‎about my 21st birthday. But I could not dispel my doubts, which I had had all my life. So ‎I stopped going to church. I kept on searching, reading, and now I consider myself a ‎Darwinist. I consider Science the best way to help us find ever more of the Truth.‎
I am glad that there are Ahmadi Muslims who only want to change the world peacefully, ‎which appeals to a democrat-to-the-core-person like me.

‎• 25. paarsurrey Says:
July 11th, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Hi friend Demsci

Thanks for your appreciation.‎
I congratulate you on being bold enough to leave Protestantism. They, the Protestants left ‎‎the simple and rational teachings of Jesus; and opted to follow the cunning Paul and ‎‎sinful scirbes of the Bible. If we see the real character, teachings, acts and Revelations ‎‎Jesus had from God Allah YHWH, we have to admit that he was one of the perfect men ‎‎that walked on Earth.

After when he survived death on Cross and he migrated to India; most unfortunately, his ‎‎enemies took over; they changed and tailored his teachings and also his acts according to ‎‎their own low motives. Jesus was not responsible for that changes made in his name;in ‎‎fact he had warned his follwers of this phenomenon.

I would say that the Man Jesus was a truthful Messenger Prophet of God Allah YHWH; ‎‎and hence his teachings consisting on his pure revelations were originally truthful. I ‎‎would suggest you to rediscover the perfect man Jesus; and follow him, if you can.Jesus ‎‎was not god and he never claimed to be one. The present Christianity has got nothing to ‎‎do with Jesus and persents only a mythical Jesus carved out of thin air by Paul and the ‎‎Church unauthorized.

If you still remain disgusted with the Bible; then you enjoy your life being a Darwinist; ‎‎but don’t oppose Jesus; a natural fruit of humanity and truthfulness. This is only a ‎‎brotherly advice; no compulsion.

Please concentrate on your new religion – your present abode of faith. You may present ‎‎merits of Darwinism if you so like and tell us as to how you cherish it. This may benefit ‎‎us, who hardly know anything about this religion; if it is a religion.

I understand that there have been many scientific changes in the theory Darwin ‎‎presented.What is your opinion about it?

You may present your interesting write-up as a separate topic in this forum for benefit of ‎‎us all; if the owners/moderators allow it.

All human beings are but a family; love for all, hatred for none.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

They ‎ left Islam but Islam does not leave them. Even if they oppose Islam; yet in a way ‎‎they still are attached to it

July 10, 2009‎round/comment-page-4/#comment-16943‎

‎179. paarsurrey Says:
July 10th, 2009 at 11:42 pm ‎

Hi friends

There are brothers and friends in humanity here, who have plainly acknowledged, that ‎‎there is no unequivocal verse in Quran which declares that earth is flat; this would have ‎‎naturally ended the discussion on this topic. It seems to me that perhaps they think there ‎‎are no many good topics left with them. Short of any good topic; they keep on harping on ‎‎the same string /topic which has no logical utility now.

I think they left Islam and did not find any other truthful religion to join and offer; so they ‎‎have left Islam but Islam does not leave them. Even if they oppose Islam; yet in a way ‎‎they still are attached to it.‎
We can understand their position.

All human beings are but a family; love for all, hatred for none.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Islam would be number one religion in the West (including America)‎

July 9, 2009‎largest-religion/‎

‎16. paarsurrey Says:
July 9th, 2009 at 1:46 am ‎

Hi friends

I believe that Muslims numbers will increase as Muslims have more children than others ‎‎in the West. They pray five times a day and keep fasting in Ramadhan and perform Hajj; ‎‎this keeps them well knit and religious.

With the advent of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908; the Promised Messiah and Imam ‎‎Mahdi (the peaceful Reformer of the Revealed Religions of the World) the scenario has ‎‎been changed; the peaceful teachings of Islam/Quran/Muhammad have been highlighted ‎‎by him; and under his banner all the religions would unite peacefully. He has come as a ‎‎successor of Muhammad, so his convincing, rational and logical arguments would do this ‎‎job as destined by God Allah YHWH.‎
The result would be opening of the hearts and minds of the West and others for ‎‎Islam/Quran/Muhammad; but there should be no worry for anybody as it would be done ‎‎peacefully; and this is what West wants.‎

So Islam would be number one religion this way in the West (including America), I ‎believe.

All humans are but a family; love for all, hatred for none.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or that the Atheists have a sole legitimate claim on Science

May 15, 2009

~Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries.

Godless American says:

What’s really funny is how the Theologist is the one that resorts to science and the atheist only uses his personal sense of reality. Totally switched around, hilarious!

paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Godless American

Thank you for visiting my blog and making some comments. I also just visited your blog, and gone through the contents. Yours is a busy blog. You are welcome here; though your views would be differing views sometimes, but I don’t mind.

I don’t think that the Atheists have any sole rights on science. Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries. I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or Religiosity.

It is free for any human without discrimination of being Theist or Non-Theist. There had been very great scientists who were amongst the Catholics Theists; and I admire them. There might be many, though not as great as Newton or Lois Pasture, nevertheless, there had been some scientists who are said to be Atheists; I admire them also. Any human being who has served God Allah YHWH well or who has served the Humanity, I admire them all.

Sorry, I don’t admire and don’t agree that a humanist should have the as I find it on your blog:

The Left Agenda

“We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and atheist blog. Little respect is given to right-wing ideology or Republican talking points. We enjoy laughing at right-wingers, and have no qualms lambasting them either. We hope you enjoy the Left Agenda. Please comment, debate, argue, insult, and laugh as much as you like. We will.”

Is it serving humanity or science? If you don’t mind; please feel free to tell us.

I love the Atheists/Agnostics as human beings as I love the Catholics, Protestants and JWs or Mormons


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


The fable is authored by our friend paul8bee and is exhibited on his blog:

Please feel free to add your comments on his blog also for the diversity; he is a non-denominational Theist, from Vancouver, Canada.


Was Jesus ashamed to be a woman? Did he not consider the woman as humans?

May 12, 2009

~I see Jesus of Bible only a weak person as a man and a blemished of a god, as Bible describes him.

Maaark says:

Jesus is the king who used his authority to serve and not abuse.
But his humanity is the beautiful part of his (Jesus’) life.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend maaark

I respect your faith.

Sorry, I don’t agree with you; please don’t mind. If as the tainted Bible says David did err; though I don’t subscribe to this erroneous view, and David abused his power taking another man’s wife; Jesus of Bible as held by the Church misused, I won’t describe it as power as Jesus had neither a Kingdom nor any power that he showed; Jesus misused and expressed his weakness yet in another way.

Jesus had no confidence in him, I must say; at least we don’t find it sufficiently and distinctively mentioned in the Bible. Jesus of Bible did not marry; he perhaps feared that he won’t be able to behave nicely with the woman and or he won’t be able to rear his sons and daughters. Bible described Jesus as an ascetic person; he refused to participate in the normal human activity or creativity of causing a child to be born or giving birth to a child himself.

If Jesus was god in supposition, as Bible would have us believe unwisely; a valid question arises. Why Jesus chose to be a man; why not a woman? Was Jesus ashamed to be a woman? Did he not consider the woman as humans? What need had he not to be a woman? Isn’t it a weird and inhuman a thinking? If Jesus feared that he won’t be able to bear the sufferings of a normal woman; then was he justified as god to create the women, to start with? I see Jesus of Bible only a weak person as a man and a blemished of a god, as Bible describes him.

It is indeed difficult to believe that such a person could create the Universe, even if we apply our guess wildly. Jesus was not potent enough to exhibit his manhood or to cause birth of sons and daughters, yet he was said to be Creator of the Universe; impossible and illogical a perception. At the most I can believe that Jesus of Bible was an impotent person as a man, if he did not marry, and this impotency leads us, logically to believe, that Jesus of Bible was not capable of being a god also, to start with.

If our Catholics and Protestant friends think that Jesus was a Potent person; the onus of proof lies with them to prove that Jesus got married and he had sons and daughters, at least I won’t mind.

I think my Catholic and Protestant friends are mistaken or they misunderstand when they say that in Jesus, Word became flesh. Of what flesh Jesus of Bible was; when he did not have the flesh that causes a child to be born or that gives birth to a child, so that we could have imagined from this everyday example that he would have created this Universe in the beginning; otherwise, it is all foggy.

Jesus is only blamed to have created this world; the world was created by God Allah YHWH, whom Jesus described sometimes as father, yet the people might have misunderstood.

Jesus of Bible loses relevance to the man and woman of America and the people in the West and/or in the East.

I respect your faith; you are free to believe what you think is right for you to believe, no compulsion. You are always welcome to express your views in this blog with your reasonable arguments, if you have any.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran not the erroneous concepts of clever Paul or sinful scribes.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Bible is not alright, it does not provide what was revealed on Jesus

May 7, 2009

Peacewithinreach says:

Actually, I find the Bible to be right on, even for life today.

Paarsurrey says:
Hi friend peacewithinreach

God Allah YHWH is an authority being the Creator of the Universe; we have to obey whatever He says; but he is All-Wisdom also and he has bestowed us human beings with wisdom and reasoning also which He has not given so much to other of his creatures.

This is an age of information and reasoning; it is well suited to the present era that whatever is commanded is also proved with rational and logical.

A convinced person heart and soul with reasons and rationality find it easier to become an obedient servant and submitter to God.

Bible is not alright, it does not provide what was revealed on Jesus, it provides what Paul thought of that is why it lacks straightforward claims/assertion and also reason thereof .

Bible is therefore an outmoded book and does not meet the temporal, moral and spiritual needs of the era. It only builds a blind faith; as Paul lost/impaired his eyesight when he made up the vision that he had seen Jesus.

One does not find the teachings of this book rationally and logically true; neither one could ever find them in this book. The nature and psyche of the Americans; peoples in the West and the East therefore reject this book and have resorted to accepting Atheism in large numbers.

The Catholics and Protestants are good and intelligent persons; they should realize the tricks, bluffs and cunningness of Paul and accept the Jesus and Mary of Quran.

Quran presents claims and reasons in the text and the context and fulfils the needs of the era. Quran presents the bright and shining teachings of Jesus and Mary and establishes their respect, honor and love in the hearts of the people most affectively.

If America is to be saved; it has to accept the truthful Jesus of Quran.

I respect your religion; but this is what I believe sincerely and frankly.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim