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Was Paul a student of Gamaliel?: Jewish Encyclopedia

September 5, 2022

Kxxx said: 

Thank you for asking…

I’m not sure why people ask this question. What part did Paul speak of that didn’t have the basis in the Torah? (He (Paul) was a student of Gamaliel – very versed in the Torah)

” He (Paul) was a student of Gamaliel – very versed in the Torah

Not exactly:

“Saul (whose Roman cognomen was Paul; see Acts xiii. 9) was born of Jewish parents in the first decade of the common era at Tarsus in Cilicia (Acts ix. 11, xxi. 39, xxii. 3). The claim in Rom. xi. 1 and Phil. iii. 5 that he was of the tribe of Benjamin, suggested by the similarity of his name with that of the first Israelitish king, is, if the passages are genuine, a false one, no tribal lists or pedigrees of this kind having been in existence at that time (see Eusebius, “Hist. Eccl.” i. 7, 5; Pes. 62b; M. Sachs, “Beiträge zur Sprach- und Alterthumsforschung,” 1852, ii. 157). Nor is there any indication in Paul’s writings or arguments that he had received the rabbinical training ascribed to him by Christian writers, ancient and modern; least of all could he have acted or written as he did had he been, as is alleged (Acts xxii. 3), the disciple of Gamaliel I., the mild Hillelite. His quotations from Scripture, which are all taken, directly or from memory, from the Greek version, betray no familiarity with the original Hebrew text. The Hellenistic literature, such as the Book of Wisdom and other Apocrypha, as well as Philo (see Hausrath, “Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte,” ii. 18-27; Siegfried, “Philo von Alexandria,” 1875, pp. 304-310; Jowett, “Commentary on the Thessalonians and Galatians,” i. 363-417), was the sole source for his eschatological and theological system. Notwithstanding the emphatic statement, in Phil. iii. 5, that he was “a Hebrew of the Hebrews”—a rather unusual term, which seems to refer to his nationalistic training and conduct (comp. Acts xxi. 40, xxii. 2), since his Jewish birth is stated in the preceding words “of the stock of Israel”—he was, if any of the Epistles that bear his name are really his, entirely a Hellenist in thought and sentiment. “

Like Paul faked a vision of having seen risen Jesus, while Jesus never died on the Cross in the first place, the same way his claim of being a student of Gamaliel I, is most certainly fake one in the wake of strong arguments given by the Jewish Encyclopedia, one gets to know, please. Right?


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Why read Gospels, if Jesus (Yeshua) never read it from?

September 5, 2022

Kxxxx said: 

There was actually only the TaNaKh in those days. That is were they got their grace-filled messages from.

Paarsurrey wrote:

If Jesus, James the brother of Jesus and Thomas as well as other followers of Jesus read Torah only, why the Hellenist-Pauline Christians read from the NT that has neither spoken by Jesus nor authored by Jesus nor written by Jesus, please? Right?


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