Isn’t Torah (or OT) a dead horse to Hellenist Pauline Christianity?

Why do the Christians accuse Jesus of writing the NT Bible?


Thread on ” The Problems of Hellenized Judaism and interpretation of Christian Scripture “

Paarsurrey wrote:
My understanding is that Pauline-Christianity’s-Priesthood discourages its people to study OT first and then NT, they read it upside down, first they read NT and then OT; is it correct, please? Right?

EF said↑
Just Catholicism.
I have received a standard, strict Catholic upbringing and do not recall anyone teaching me what the Old Testament was about, and nobody encouraged me to read it.
The Catechism exclusively revolves around the Gospels, and the parables.
These were the only books.
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Paarsurrey wrote:

They (the Pauline-Christianity’s priesthood) only cling to OT, as it has some prophecies, which they fit on Jesus to add some more credulity to the stuff they have collected that they call Gospels or NT, else, isn’t the whole OT just a dead horse to them (the Pauline-Christianity), one gets to understand, please? Right?
Jesus read and mastered the Torah, he could never have adopted such an approach for his people, one could say, right?


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