Jesus’ Return

Why do the Christians accuse Jesus of writing the NT Bible?

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Paarsurrey said:

None of the Pauline-Christianity people of the 45000+ denominations including the JWs and the Latter Day Saints could quote from Jesus that he would come back as a conquering King, as Jesus never claimed it, one, therefore, gets to know from it, please. Right?

Jesus’ “Second Coming”, since he died naturally (neither died on the Cross nor resurrected from the dead, I understand) is not to be in the physical and material form as those who die never return to this world in physical and material form, please. Right?

Instead of that somebody born of a father and mother was to come in Jesus’ character and spiritual status to clear Jesus from all the accusations that have been made against Jesus by the Hellenist-Paul, his associates and the Pauline-Church with reasonable arguments, it transpires, please. Right?

And Jesus’ himself explained it, didn’t he please. Right?
Paarsurrey added further:

” And Jesus’ himself explained it, as to what is meant by Second Coming of a person, didn’t he please. Right?”

John the Baptist was asked by a delegation of priests (present tense) “Art thou Elias”, he replied “I am not”:

John 1:21 “Then who are you?” they inquired. “Are you Elijah?” He said, “I am not.” “Are you the Prophet?” He answered, “No.”

Matthew 11:14 -15:
14And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come. 15He who has ears, let him hear.…
Matthew 11:14 And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.

Didn’t Jesus declare that John-the-Baptist is in spirit/character/deeds is Elias/Elijah, please? Right?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 is therefore Second in Coming of Yeshua- the Israelite Messiah in spirit/character/deeds , it transpires, please. Right?

Jesus did not die on the Cross, isn’t it therefore an accusation on Jesus (by the Pauline-Christianity)-that Yeshua- the Israelite Messiah is to come physically from the heaven and will rule as a worldly king, one must say, please? Right?

Coming of The Messiah – The world is waiting for saviour

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