Was (Jesus) Yeshua given a burial bath? If not, why not?

#115 Why do the Christians accuse Jesus of writing the NT Bible?

#1030 Thread on ” Shroud of Turin is from first AD. 
Axxxxx said
It’s supposedly his burial shroud.

Paarsurrey says:

” burial shroud”

I don’t agree with the above, please.

It is impossible to be a “burial” shroud as Yeshua’s friends knew for sure that though Yeshua was seriously injured yet very much alive, so neither they gave Yeshua a burial bath nor they performed the burial service, one understands , please. Right?

If yes, then anybody kindly quote as to when Yeshua was given the burial/funeral bath and when his funeral service was performed and who lead it, please? Right?

Isn’t (Jesus’) Yeshua’s death on the Cross sheerly faked by Hellenist Paul for his own ulterior motives, it transpires, please? Right?


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