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Was (Jesus) Yeshua given a burial bath? If not, why not?

August 30, 2022

#115 Why do the Christians accuse Jesus of writing the NT Bible?

#1030 Thread on ” Shroud of Turin is from first AD. 
Axxxxx said
It’s supposedly his burial shroud.

Paarsurrey says:

” burial shroud”

I don’t agree with the above, please.

It is impossible to be a “burial” shroud as Yeshua’s friends knew for sure that though Yeshua was seriously injured yet very much alive, so neither they gave Yeshua a burial bath nor they performed the burial service, one understands , please. Right?

If yes, then anybody kindly quote as to when Yeshua was given the burial/funeral bath and when his funeral service was performed and who lead it, please? Right?

Isn’t (Jesus’) Yeshua’s death on the Cross sheerly faked by Hellenist Paul for his own ulterior motives, it transpires, please? Right?


“Original Sin”: Did (Jesus) Yeshua ever believed in it?

August 30, 2022

#116 Why do the Christians accuse Jesus of writing the NT Bible?

#25 Thread on ” Zeus and Adam.
JDB said: 
In a sentence, this thread is about the relationship between Zeus and the first human in the Bible, Adam; and more specifically about Adam’s, and Zeus’, firstborn sons.
For those willing to read more than a sentence, we can say that until the original sin, Adam appears not to have been strictly mortal himself. It’s only after the sin that God kills a mortal creature and gives its flesh to cover up Adam’s nakedness after his, Adam’s, spiritual covering is removed because of the sin. There’s a sense in which the story of Zeus’ firstborn son, and the story of Adam’s firstborn son, are not just parallel, but where you can’t fully understand the nature of Adam’s firstborn son, until you’re willing to do the hard work of exegeting pagan and Jewish mythology as though they’re discussing the same thing.

paarsurrey said: 
” original sin “

Did (Jesus) Yeshua talk about the “original sin “, please?
If yes, then kindly quote from him for the claim in this issue and the gist of reason given by him in this connection, please. Right?

JDB said:
What if I don’t, and I don’t, own a red-letter edition of the Gospels? Then, from what I gather, I can’t convince you I’m quoting Jesus. Dylan said it’s all in the song. You’ve implied its all in the red ink. I have no red ink edition and thus find myself in the outer regions and the limbo of the lost both of which result in fear and trembling and gnashing of teeth.:D
Paarsurrey writes.

The Post one is answering does not mention of the Red Letter Bibles, does it, please? Right?
Even a child would know what has been said by Yeshua while reading a Bible, they have simply made it convenient for everybody, haven’t they, please? Right?
One has enough of common sense, hasn’t one, please? Right?
One couldn’t quote and one can never quote from (Jesus) Yeshua as he never believed in the “ original sin” which is a creed imported from Hellenism by the Pauline-Christianity, one gathers, please. Right?
Am I therefore right to say, it is an accusation on Yeshua that he believed in the ” Original Sin“, please? Right?


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