Christians! Please don’t make Jesus a “Sacrificial Goat” and or a “Scapegoat” for your sins

Christians! Kindly don’t make Jesus a “Sacrificial Goat” or a “Scapegoat” for your sins, please.

It only makes Christianity a laughing stock of the Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics and drifts the faithful followers away from the path Jesus followed.

It is a mythical along with the following mythical root creeds of Christianity like:

  1. Jesus is god
  2. Or son of god
  3. Or that Jesus died on the Cross and then became alive after 3 days
  4. For the atonement of the sins of the Christians belonging to 32 000+ Pauline-Christianity denominations
  5. Only because  they cannot stop sinning
  6. And want to make Jesus a scapegoat*, instead.

It has got nothing to do with Jesus and or his teaching. It is an invention of Paul unauthorised from Jesus.





Holy War -the peaceful version- with reasons, arguments and peaceful dialogue

The News:

One will, perhaps, love to read the following:

“Holy War”: Is it Armageddon? with its ” Peaceful Version”! 1

“Holy War”: Is it Armegiddon / Armageddon? – with its “Peaceful Version”! 1 | paarsurrey (

One will be taken aback to note that Armegiddon/Armageddon is nothing like as one would have imagined or known so far. It is not to be fought with any physical and destructive weaponry and or the lethal arsenal of the day. It is peaceful and in fact, I understand, it has already started and it is sown like a seed!

It was a debate between the Pauline-Christianity (represented by Mr. Abdullah Atham) and the Second Coming 1835-1908 , that took place in Urdu language and was published then by the name “Jang-e-Muqaddas” in 1893 ( 22 May 1893 to 5 June 1893) in the then British India and has been recently translated and published in English by the name “The Holy War”:

The Holy War — A DEBATE BETWEEN ISLAM & CHRISTIANITY — Jang-e-Muqaddas (


From: a peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim


These are the days of Armageddon – the final battle between good and evil –The peaceful Version! 3 

Has Armageddon already started with the advent of Second Coming 1835-1908 ?– The peaceful Version! 2

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