Divinity conferred on the head of Jesus by Paul is too loose a hat !?

I made following comments on the article ” Church membership is falling fast ” on the blog “Theosophical Ruminator” :

paarsurrey Says: April 2, 2021 at 7:00 pm <<< please click to see

Why Church membership is falling?

I understand that it is because Paul faked a vision and he by elevating Jesus as “Son of God” , “God” , “God in the flesh” and or “God in human form”, just to take revenge from Jesus who had migrated from Judea, out the hands of Jews and out the hand of Romans.

Paul who was after killing Jesus and persecuting his followers thought of new plan to character assassinate Jesus. By elevating Jesus from a Messenger/Prophet of God and by putting on the head of Jesus the hat of divinity, falsely of course, I figure, Paul himself assumed the office of an Apostle of Jesus and allured Jesus’ people into new creeds invented by him, which had nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus. Credulous Christians have been following Paul for 2000 yea instead of Jesus. Now people have realized this so they are leaving Christianity and the Churches, please. Right?



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