Can Atheism be combined with other Revealed Religions?

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Sxxxxx said: In a couple of Dharmic religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, it’s acceptable to be a follower of that religion and to identify as an atheist at the same time depending on the school of philosophy one follows, and doing so is generally accepted by followers of these religions (not that debate between the schools of philosophy isn’t all that uncommon). We have followers of these religions who are atheists on this very forum.

My question is this: Is it possible in your religion to be a member of or follow your religion and identify as atheist? Why or why not?

#56< paarsurrey wrote:

It is a sign of confusion, I understand. One wants to ride two boats at a time, isn’t it, please?


Sxxxx said: Are you saying that one is not permitted to ride more than one boat in your religion?

#59 < Paarsurrey wrote:

The “rider of two boats (a proverb in Urdu language) has his one leg in one boat and his other leg in another boat is sure to fall in the water and to drown. In Revealed Religions there is reasonably no place for this “ism” called Atheism etc. Either one believes in G-d and is a believer, or one doesn’t believes in G-d and one is a disbeliever. Right?
In man-made religions one can combine or not combine any number of them, as confusion + confusion+ confusion is more and more confusion. Right?
Why not research and resolve this situation with Religious Method and find the Truth, please? Right?


mikkel_the_dane said: Yeah, everybody else than you are confused. I mean, I am so confused that I didn’t write this. It is truly a miracle that all these confused humans have a life. :D

#60paarsurreyToday at 11:17 AM

But one has not combined Atheism with any Revealed Religions, at least I don’t see it displayed as such, one has only “the Wrong one”, but still “One” not two of them. Right?


mxxxxx said: It is a way to make fun of the idea of The Right One.

#62 < paarsurrey

Why to make fun of the “Right One”, please?


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