Does Vedanta has any place in Sanatana-Dharma, in Hinduism and or in Western Atheism?

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Why not?

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I get the following please:

Jahnu Das , Hare Krishna
Originally Answered: What are the differences between Hinduism and Sanatana Dharma?
Hinduism is a misnomer introduced by Moghul invaders. They called the people living east of the river Sindhu, for Hindus in stead of Sindhus, because they couldn’t pronounce the S properly.
Besides, Hinduism is comprised of many different religions and subreligions. Hinduism is as variegated or even more so, than if you were to take Judaism, Christianity and Islam together and call it, say, Jordanism.
Sanatana-dharma is the term for the original, eternal religion from God Himself. That religion is Vaishnavism. I call it the Vedic Version.
How is Sanatana Dharma different from Hinduism? – Quora:”

I don’t find Vedanta has any place in Sanatana-Dharma, and Hinduism is a misnomer, please. Right?


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