Sects/denominations/kinds of Atheism!?

Love for all; hatred for none

The Atheism people give the impression (or they are not aware) that they don’t have any sects or denominations and they have a collective stance in Atheism. The fact is, I understand, they are as many sects and denominations as their total numbers. Every one of them is different from the other and they don’t have any rules to bind them together, inside and outside they are in shatters, but they cannot expel one who differs . Right?

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One may like to join discussion on the following interesting thread on RF- my favorite discussion forum, and view my post :#74 @:

paarsurrey wrote: Post #74

Various kinds of Atheism

Denominations/Sects of Atheism are on the increase to the liking or disliking of the Atheism people, they cannot stop it, as I understand.
For example if one states one’s religion as “Christian Atheist” etc., it adds one denomination/sect to Christianity as well as one denomination/sect to Atheism. Right?
It is an individuals prerogative to declare one religion as per the
“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights”:

Article 18.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
And no “ism” or “ianity” can deny this right to an individual, please.


#3 <<<<<Axxxx, wrote: 

3-2-1 dictionary definitions of atheism and inability to understand words in context incoming… :D

For me though, militant atheism is pretty much synonymous with outspoken antitheism.

I guess people can be antitheists but not “militant atheists” if they don’t really care to spread their views to others.

A militant atheist is sort of the equivalent of an evangelical, they think others adopting their view would make the world a profoundly better place and thus want to spread the “good news”.

paarsurrey wrote vide post #120

Well, even the non-believers- the Atheism people have many sects/denominations but like our friend @xxxxxxx they would deny it perhaps to show it that they stand united, please. Right?
I would like that all Christian denominations (the old one’s like the Catholics and or Protestants) and the new ones (like JWs, LDS and the Bahais) become true followers of Jesus, instead of the incorrect one’s, as I understand them to be because of following (sinful) Paul and or his made-up Pauline-Christianity whatever the denomination they belong to, to become one , please. Right?


oxxxxxxx said: I didn’t know that.
Could you tell me a couple of atheist sects to get me started? I’d like to make that list up.

paarsurrey wrote vide post #130

Welcome to get started to list them up.

Atheism – Wikipedia


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