4 Gospels of Pauline-Christianity are not part of the Greek Septuagint

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cxxxxxx said: 

It is quite possible that Jesus spoke Aramaic, there is a lot of debate on which language he spoke. As far as Jehovah’s witnesses know, no part of the original writings exist. The Bible that existed in Jesus’ day was the Greek Septuagint, and actually some pieces of copies dating to his time period still exist.

paarsurrey wrote: Post#182

It is not correct about the 4 Gospels, these did not exist in Jesus times:

“Septuagint” is derived from the Latin phrase versio septuaginta interpretum (“translation of the seventy interpreters”), which was derived from the Ancient Greek: Ἡ μετάφρασις τῶν Ἑβδομήκοντα, romanizedhē metáphrasis tōn hebdomḗkontalit. ‘The Translation of the Seventy’.[12] It was not until the time of Augustine of Hippo (354–430 CE) that the Greek translation of the Jewish scriptures was called by the Latin term Septuaginta.[13] The Roman numeral LXX (seventy) is commonly used as an abbreviation, in addition to {\displaystyle {\mathfrak {G}}}[​IMG][14] or G.
Septuagint – Wikipedia
Kinldy correct yourself and request the JWs to correct their official records also, please. Right?


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