“Flat Earth” notion



“so, what about the Earth, is it flat or a sphere?”
#165 paarsurrey
I am an Ahmadiyya peace Muslim. I am 100% sure that Quran does not say that the Earth is flat.
About Bible, following is what the JWs say:

Does the Bible Teach That the Earth Is Flat?
AudioAudio download options Does the Bible Teach That the Earth Is Flat?
The Bible’s answer
No, the Bible does not teach that the earth is flat. * The Bible is not a science textbook. At the same time, nothing in the Bible contradicts proved science. What the Bible says is “always reliable, now and forever.”—Psalm 111:8.

  • What does the Bible mean by “the four corners of the earth”?

The expressions “the four corners of the earth” and “the ends of the earth” used in the Bible are not to be taken literally, as if the earth were square or had ends. (Isaiah 11:12; Job 37:3) Instead, these evidently are figures of speech referring to the entire surface of the earth. The Bible uses the four points of the compass in a similar way.—Luke 13:29.

The Hebrew term translated “corners” or “ends” seems to be an idiom based on the word for “wings.” According to The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, “because the wing of a bird is used as a covering for its young, [this Hebrew term] acquires the meaning of the extremity of anything stretched out.” The same reference work adds that at Job 37:3 and Isaiah 11:12, “the term means the coasts, boundaries, or extremities of the land surface of the earth.”



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