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Granted, English is the current lingua franca, by accident of history, but it’s hardly well suited. It’s very irregular and the orthography is a nightmare. How anyone ever learns to read and write in it is beyond me.

A good interlanguage would have to be alphabetic, phonetic, and regular. It should avoid obscure linguistic quirks.

Esperanto was constructed to be alphabetic, phonetic and mostly regular. Its syntax, lexicon, phonology, and semantic structure is familiar to most Indo-European speakers. To speakers of non Indo-European languages it’s less so, but nothing will be ideal for everyone.

For current speakers of Indo-European languages, Esperanto can be learned extremely quickly and easily. That’s its advantage over English.

Off the top of my head:
Mandarin: Difficult orthography.
Hindi/Urdu: Not alphabetic — an abugida and an abjad.
Spanish: Better, but still a natural language, hence, irregular.
Arabic: A complex abjad.

All natural languages have irregularities, which constructed languages seek to correct. Some languages contain unusual sounds which most of the world would find difficult to master as a 2nd language. Some have unusual grammatical forms or other quirks.
No interlanguage would be ideal for everyone.

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