Bahaullah’s claim of god-head?!

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#142 paarsurrey

This could be one’s personal view/belief, one must have made this view because ofambiguous writings* of Bahaullah, and he was a master/clever of ambiguity. Himself believing in nothing of his many ambiguous claims Bahaullah made others to believe them.

In the above quote the words “He” and “Who” have been capitalized for giving Bahaullah a special (supernatural )status (by the translator, maybe, Shoghi Effendi) above a normal human being. Not even a Pauline-Pagan-Christian would have created such ambiguity in normal writing about Jesus.

I quote here a post #110 InvxxxxxxSep 29, 2018 of one Bahai friend here:

@Invxxxxxx I disagree with saying that Baha’is make no distinction between God, and Baha’u’llah. I know some Baha’is who do, and some who don’t.”

Invxxxxxxxxxx said:

I didn’t mean any one who has a Bahai membership. I meant a perfect Baha’i, like Abdulbaha would not make any distinction between Bahaullah and God. Do you think Abdulbaha made any distinction between God and Bahaullah? Did not Abdulbaha believe who ever has seen Bahaullah, has seen God?

Bahaullah – Prophet or God?
Bahaullah – Prophet or God? The Bahai Awareness Homepage

#146  paarsurrey

Does one mean that our friend @Invxxxxxxx is not a Bahai? Or he attributed god-head about Bahaullah wrongly (post #110).
And then why this trickery (of Capitalization or De-Capitalization) done by Shoghi Effendi in Iqan* against the norms of English language.

*Kitab-i-Iqan which is my focus as I read it.


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