Nature and extent of Islamic influence in Sikhism

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#6 paarsurrey

The writings on his “Chola-Sahib” or his “Long-Coat” or the “Holy Robe” tell us/testifies that its founder Baba Guru-Nanak-Sahib became a Muslim and died as such.



“The chola itself is extremely curious. One may think that the chola will be identified with Hindu and Sikh scriptures. But a look at the Chola shows that it has verses from the holy Koran handwritten all over it. The Chola accepts Muhammad as the messenger of god and has quotations from the Koran on it. With the passage of time the writings are dimmed but enough evidence is available that the chola eulogises Koran and Muhammad.”
Gurudwara Chola Sahib and the Sacred Robe of Nanak at Dera Baba Nanak

#9 paarsurrey

The question is, did Baba Guru Nanak Ji name the religion Sikhs believe?
If yes, then please quote from him.
Anybody, please



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