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Bahaullah “Sender of the Messengers”?!!!

April 12, 2019

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“The UHJ cannot change the “original writings” of Baha’u’llah”


I agree with one that UHJ (or Abdul Baha or Shoghí Effendí) cannot change the original writings of Bahaullah.

Courtesy our friend #23 A bahai friend:

Bahaullah proclaimed that in Reality, He was the Author of All previous Religions, and that He had sent all prophets of the Past, thus, He is the One who can explain His own Books that He had previously revealed. I quote Bahaullah:

” …Hearken unto the Call of Husayn[2] Who hath been incarcerated in the Prison Fortress of ’Akká by reason of that which the hands of the heedless have wrought. If one were to question them,[3]“by what reason have ye imprisoned Him?”, they would reply: “Verily, He hath come with a new Shariah and this new Shariah doth not accord with the Law under which we have been. To this matter testifieth our Book which is called the Qur’án, a Book that is from God,[4] the Lord of all mankind. See that which the All-Merciful hath revealed therein: ‘Verily He[5] is the Messenger of God, and the Seal of the Prophets.’”[6]

To this We reply: “Indeed thou speaketh the truth. We do testify that through Him,[7]Messengership[8] and Prophethood[9] have both been sealed and any one claiming after Him this most exalted station is in manifest error.[10] Nevertheless, O Questioner! Hearken unto My voice which sayeth: “Open thine eyes that thou mayest behold the Most Great Beauty,[11] through Whom speaketh the Lord of divine decree. By God! Through Him the ‘Hour’[12] hath appeared, and the ‘Resurrection’[13] hath come to pass, and the ‘Moon’[14]hath been cleft asunder and thou wouldst behold all in a ‘continuing Regeneration’ if thou be of them that possess insight.

“Verily, through His Advent hath come to be fulfilled the Advent about which glad tidings have been given by the Messengers of God from all eternity and there hath come to pass about which God hath revealed in the Qur’án: ‘On that Day they shall all rise before the Lord of mankind.’[15]Truly the Cycle of Prophethood hath been rolled up and He Who hath sent down the Prophets hath come, arrayed with a manifest and perspicuous sovereignty. ….” Unquote
Tablet to Hasan-i-Sháhábadí
That would make Bahaullah “mursil al-rusul” or “Sender of the Messengers”. Right, please?

Though I don’t agree with the understanding of Bahaullah, please.


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