Shoghi Effendi played with the translation of Quran by Rodwell

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I find that Shoghi Effendi translated Iqan, and also used translation of Quran by Rodwell, with his own agenda in mind and against the norms of the translation. For instance

Quran verse 3:7 rendered by Rodwell:

“He it is who hath sent down to thee “the Book.” Some of its signs are of themselves perspicuous;-these are the basis4 of the Book-and others are figurative. But they whose hearts are given to err, follow its figures, craving discord, craving an interpretation; yet none knoweth its interpretation but God. And the stable in knowledge say, “We believe in it: it is all from our Lord.” But none will bear this in mind, save men endued with understanding.”
Shoghi Effendi disfigured it in Iqan thus:

“None knoweth the interpretation thereof but God and they that are well-grounded in knowledge.” 13
Bahá’í Reference Library – The Kitáb-i-Íqán, Pages 201-220

“None knoweth the meaning thereof except God and them that are well-grounded in knowledge.” 15
Bahá’í Reference Library – The Kitáb-i-Íqán, Pages 3-41
I don’t know, why did Shoghi Effendi play with the translation of Rodwell, changing it here and there?

Anybody, please.


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