“Why I do not think the marriage of A’isha and Muhammad was not wrong”


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Marriage is to take place between adults or when they attain marriageable age* that could be different in different regions/times of the world as per the law of the land, and if there is no specific law in this respect then as per the prevailing customs and traditions in vogue in the society .


*Several places, including the state of Massachusetts in the United States, allow girls as young as 12 to get married in “exceptional circumstances” with the consent of a judge.
Chart shows the lowest age you can legally get married around the world
You can still get married at 12 in some parts of the US
a-Classic Encyclopedia states that: Puberty in hot climate areas is much earlier & faster than that in cold ones. So girls puberty age could reach 8 or 9 years in hot climate areas.

As stated by “Classic Encyclopedia”: [Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911 edition]

“In northern countries males enter upon sexual maturity between the age of fourteen and sixteen, sometimes not much before the eighteenth year, females between twelve and fourteen. In tropical climates puberty is much earlier.”



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