“Jesus’ Second Coming”


Jesus’ Second Coming

Poster #17 paarsurrey wrote: 

Jesus had both bones and flesh. Right, please?
He was not just a spirit, like every other human being he had a physical body and a soul. His teachings were from G-d and he followed them whole-heartedly and in this sense he was with G-d and from G-d like any other Jewish or non-Jewish prophet-messenger of G-d.
Jesus’ Second Coming, I believe, has already taken place in the spiritual or attributive/symbolic form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, it is not a reincarnation.
Does it help, please?


Post #19  Paarsurrey Wrote:

One has a right to express one’s opinion, please.
Does one mean that Jesus had only flesh and blood and no bones,please?

Post #51   paarsurrey

Then why say Jesus was only blood and flesh, please?

Post#84  paarsurrey

So it means that when one talked of Jesus having blood and flesh one took it symbolically for Jesus being a human nothing more nothing less, one did not take it literally. Right, please?


Post #86  paarsurrey

It only shows that Christians have a wrong perception/understanding of Jesus’ resurrection after the event of Cross. Jesus did not die on the Cross, he was only seriously wounded and after treatment in the tomb he was able to walk. Jesus showed his wounds to the disciples so that they know that G-d has heard his prayers in the Garden and saved his life. This is what I believe and understand, others could believe differently with sound reasons and arguments, if any. Right, please?




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