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Is there an afterlife?

May 21, 2018

Post#234 paarsurrey  wrote:

I do believe in afterlife. This is not the real-life we live , it is just like a dream while we see a dream we think it is real but when we wake up then we realize that it was not a real event.


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Budha, Jesus “Conversion after death”

May 21, 2018

Conversion after death

Post#149 paarsurrey wrote:

I believe that Buddha was a non-Jewish prophet/messenger of G-d and Jesus was a Jewish prophet/messenger of G-d, they both were in different ages, so they need not to accept one another, by name. I believe that they both are in heaven and are very close to G-d. They both received enlightenment from the same G-d, it is for this, that their teachings and many events have much similarity.
Hence, neither Buddha needs to convert to become a Christian, nor Jesus needs to become a Buddhist. They both were treading the same truthful path that lead to G-d. Right, please?



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“Evident”, “evidence” and “scientific evidence”

May 21, 2018

Evidence, specifically scientific evidence.

Post #305  paarsurrey Wrote:

While I do not contest one’s understanding of “evidence” as a term used in science yet it is to be noted that it is only useful in physical and material realms, which on its own merit is much valuable, but human life is much more than that and there are fields where science is of little to no use. The word “evidence” is borrowed by science from the language which used it much before “science” took its present form. Limits and bounds of science are obvious, therefore.
There are evident observations, one won’t deny, which are used in knowing the non-evident . The methodology in which with the help of evident we know the non-evident is understood to be evidence.

Post# 307 paarsurrey wrote:

Science is in the process of knowing, it does not claim that its knowledge even in the “the material world” is perfect. Does it, please?
Not to speak of the other aspect of human activities and life, which are beyond the limits of science and its bounds. Right, please?

“Is there an afterlife?”

May 16, 2018

Post#234 paarsurrey wrote:

I do believe in afterlife. This is not the real-life we live , it is just like a dream while we see a dream we think it is real but when we wake up then we realize that it was not a real event.



“Problems with the Baha’i faith”

May 16, 2018

Problems with the Baha’i faith

Post #181 paarsurrey Wrote:

The above poster belongs to Shaivism of the Hinduism conglomerate of religions. Please name the prophets/messengers of Hinduism religions for our information, please.


“Something from Nothing”

May 16, 2018

Post  #30 paarsurrey wrote:

Something from Nothing

Both “something” and “nothing” are created by G-d, please.


“‘Fully God and fully man’….or, ‘God & man’? Is there a difference?”

May 16, 2018

‘Fully God and fully man’….or, ‘God & man’? Is there a difference?
Post #22 paarsurrey
Did Jesus claim that he was a fully God and a fully man? If yes, please quote from him.

Post #33 paarsurrey wrote:

Thanks or elaborating one’s point.
I believe both concepts “Fully God and fully woman” as also “fully God and fully man” are equally wrong concepts. Jesus did not claim to be “fully God and fully man”, he never said any such thing.
Others are welcome to differ with me with reason and arguments, if any.

“Do you believe that Jesus is the Word?”

May 15, 2018

Do you believe that Jesus is the Word?

Post #31 paarsurrey wort:

Please elaborate as to what kind of word Jesus is. Please quote from Jesus where he said about himself being a word to support one’s view. I don’t find he ever said as such. Right, please?

Post #63paarsurrey

I agree with one here. People attribute things to Jesus that neither he said not he even implied to say. One is right, I believe, such things are just hearsay and hear say is improper to be admitted.


s    said: 
Jesus and the Father are both ‘God’.
blü 2 said: 

Post #105   paarsurrey

I agree with one. Jesus did not believe such things and did not even imply to say them, in my opinion. It is the Church who is forcing to put things in Jesus’ mouth, I believe.

“Jesus’ Second Coming”

May 15, 2018

Jesus’ Second Coming

Poster #17 paarsurrey wrote: 

Jesus had both bones and flesh. Right, please?
He was not just a spirit, like every other human being he had a physical body and a soul. His teachings were from G-d and he followed them whole-heartedly and in this sense he was with G-d and from G-d like any other Jewish or non-Jewish prophet-messenger of G-d.
Jesus’ Second Coming, I believe, has already taken place in the spiritual or attributive/symbolic form of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, it is not a reincarnation.
Does it help, please?

Post #19  Paarsurrey Wrote:

One has a right to express one’s opinion, please.
Does one mean that Jesus had only flesh and blood and no bones,please?

Post #51   paarsurrey

Then why say Jesus was only blood and flesh, please?

Post#84  paarsurrey

So it means that when one talked of Jesus having blood and flesh one took it symbolically for Jesus being a human nothing more nothing less, one did not take it literally. Right, please?


Post #86  paarsurrey

It only shows that Christians have a wrong perception/understanding of Jesus’ resurrection after the event of Cross. Jesus did not die on the Cross, he was only seriously wounded and after treatment in the tomb he was able to walk. Jesus showed his wounds to the disciples so that they know that G-d has heard his prayers in the Garden and saved his life. This is what I believe and understand, others could believe differently with sound reasons and arguments, if any. Right, please?




May 15, 2018

Post #3  by paarsurrey
Jesus did not believe in Trinity, please.

Post #6  The poster said: 

Post #15 paarsurrey wrote:

Was Jesus afraid of speaking the word “Trinity”, please? I don’t think so.
He was a Jew so his words should be interpreted from the teachings of Moses whom he followed. Did Moses speak of Trinity, please? No, Moses never mentioned it. Right, please?
One is welcome to differ with me with reasons and arguments, if any, as that is one’s right, please.

Post #51paarsurrey Wrote:

Trinity is one of the back-bone creeds of the Christianity. I believe, if Jesus did not name it, the Church and Christians have no authority from Jesus to invent things themselves after him and blame Jesus for that.
Other are welcome to differ with me with reasons and arguments, if any.