Mathematics as a tool

“Mathematics as a tool” of science

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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics


“The logical side of the nature of the universe requires further exploration.”

Do you need to know math for doing great science?

What may look like paradoxes in math and science are really just points at which our models of the universe break down. And it’s a good thing that they do this. After all, the only way to have a perfect, completely accurate map is to make it exactly the size and shape of the territory it is mapping. We sacrifice accuracy so that we get a piece of data small and simple enough for us to process while still being a generally good guide around the territory. In order to have math and science that fit the universe perfectly, we’d have to make them as complicated as the universe is, and that would defeat the point of having them because they are essentially theoretical tools used to simplify and check what we see

there is a whole book wriiten on Quantum paradoxes

F. Selleri, Quantum Paradoxes and Physical Reality, Kluer Academic Publishers, 1990,

quote-from other scientists

Now even though quantum mechanics is paradoxical no experiment has contradicted quantum theory predictions and quantum theory is the most successful that has ever existed in science.

“Similarly there is ample evidence of theories giving the predicted results even though they collapse into absurdity i.E. Are self-contradictory or paradoxical such as those in quantum mechanics- just as there is in mathematics. Heisenberg notes that “ the strangest experience of those years was that the paradoxes of quantum theory did not disappear during this process of clarification; on the contrary they have become even more marked and exciting.” F. Selleri, Quantum Paradoxes and Physical Reality, Kluer Academic Publishers, 1990, p.V111.

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