“Muhammad abhorred fighting with anyone. Did he?”


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Muhammad abhorred fighting with anyone. Did he?
Paarsurrey wrote:

Muhammad under the guidance of Word of God established a most equitable, peaceful and rational society starting from Mecca, Medina and when Mecca became free under his control to the whole of the Arabian Peninsula and of course then in the whole world.
Muhammad abhorred fighting with anyone and he was not trained to fight. Was he, please?
OOOOOOOOOOOReference Post 24 in the thread “Worship of Mary not Biblical”:
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W—-h wrote:
It’s dangerous to see the good in wicked people and more dangerous to try to justify wicked actions because it’s not healthy to support immorality.For instance all criminals would claim to abhor violence but in their situation they had to do it.

But the criminal at least deserves some pity because we did not walk in their shoes. But the one that makes excuses for the criminal deserves far less pity because they are justifying evil.

Right now we have a mass delusion enforced by violence and fear where sane comments about a historical figure are not possible. The West is going to have to choose again between freedom and slavery and it is not clear it has the courage to do so.

We can talk sanely about Ghengis khan or Hitler or napoleon or Cesar or pharoah but not Mohammad. Why is that?

W—-h wrote:

We can talk sanely about Ghengis khan or Hitler or napoleon or Cesar or pharoah but not Mohammad. Why is that?

Paarsurrey wrote:
One is welcome to talk about Muhammad sanely, no harm, please.
Did one read Quran to know the truth about Muhammad? Quran is the truthful source of important/crucial/salient points about the life events of Muhammad, and it recorded them while these happened as if a live transmission was going on. Right, please?

Anyone who says the Quran advocates terrorism obviously hasn’t read its lessons on violence

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