Did apostles think they were writing the ‘word of God’? 


Post 21: Did apostles think they were writing the ‘word of God’?

paarsurrey1 wrote:
NT Gospels were anonymous verbal narratives*, adopted and doctored by Paul**, his associates**, and the Church**, and named after apostles^ just for credulity/ credence. Right, please?
*https://celsus.blog/2013/12/17/why-scholars-doubt-the-traditional-authors-of-the-gospels/**”All the Gospels are Anonymous Until 180-185CE”:

r—-g wrote:

Hmmm. Ok. So tell me then — what would motivate Paul to do that ? Do you choose to discard God’s mercy and grace thru Christ so easily which is God’s gospel message thru Paul?

paarsurrey1 wrote:

Paul had no message of One-True-God’s mercy and grace with him, neither from One-True-God nor from Jesus.Paul was an enemy of Jesus and his followers and he remained as such when Jesus migrated from Judea. Paul only changed his strategy. He changed the message of One-True-God and corrupted the teachings of Jesus. Paul did it very cleverly aide by his associates and the Church established by him in the name of Jesus-Christ. Jesus never established any Church, he was a Jewish Prophet and remained as such, please.
Isn’t it strange, please?




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